Friday, 30 January 2009

House - Spare Room

In December I posted about the state of our house and the spare room which finally had a bed in it.

Milord wasn't quite happy with the spare room, although I assured him that Mom enjoyed camping and she'd be fine!

Since December we've renovated the window and moved all the junk into the roof. Last weekend I touched up the scuffed paintwork, mopped the floor and washed and redid the linen...

Tah dah!

It is now nicer than our bedroom...

Mom arrives at Sydney airport at 5:20pm today. It's a hot day in Sydney - 30C - but apparently a lot cooler than where she's just been travelling in Melbourne/Adelaide - 45C! We have a bottle of wine (wah) chilling in the fridge with steak and salad, should be good.

I have to work next week, but I'll be sneaking off lunches with Mom and probably leaving early when I can!

Have a lovely weekend.


Suzanne said...

Enjoy the time with your Mum. It is amazing to see the progress you've made from gutted house in such a short time

Kat said...

Looks good - I love the wooden corner unit you have there!

Looking at the time in Sydney on my phone, your mum must be there already chilling out drinking your wine after finishing a lovely BBQ'd steak.... ah sounds lovely. It is sooo chilly here today! What plans do you have for the weekend? How long has your mum been travelling down Melbourne way for? I saw on the news they were having the hottest days down there for 100 years! Phew!

waterbob said...

It looks really nice. Have a super time and enjoy each other. I'd be a bit jealous if I wasn't going to be seeing you in a few weeks.