Wednesday, 28 July 2010

8 Weeks

The Mother

Despite your face looking fuller (due mainly to fluid retention), your skin may be looking very healthy. You may also find that your gums bleed easily when brushing your teeth. Switch to a 'soft' toothbrush during your pregnancy to prevent damaging your gums.

Morning sickness may still be an issue but dietary management of this can help to ease the nausea. If it proves unbearable, mention this to your healthcare provider. This week, your doctor will advise of a number routine of tests (blood and urine) you need to have done. It is also a good time to make your appointment for your 12 week ultrasound. Emotions are still running high and will continue to fluctuate throughout the next 30 weeks.

The Baby

Sized at approximately 2.4cm (from head to rump), your baby is looking more like a baby than a 'bean', with arms and legs obvious. Your baby's head - still large when compared to the body size - now has a mouth, lips, nose and ears, with eyelids forming this week. Tiny fingers and toes are starting to form and develop at quite a fast rate. Your baby's heart is beating at approximately 180 beats per minute.

Fluid retention, yay. I haven't really noticed this, and to be honest I think my face is looking thinner than a month ago as my fat starts to melt away. I'm eating well, it's just that I've dropped wine and junk and so I lose weight in spite of being pregnant! This happened last time too. No bleeding gums, but I remember getting nosebleeds before which I presume is related.

My skin is no better or worse than usual - I got spotty last pregnancy so I'm cleansing like mad to stay ahead of it.

Mood swings? None last time and none this time (so far). Phew. (Double phew for Milord!)

No sickness, and no real food aversions yet. I do find that if I'm eating something I'm not enjoying then once my hunger is met I can't bring myself to finish the portion - even if it looks rude and I'm starving again an hour later. I carry muesli bars in my bag just in case!

Weariness occasionally hits me without warning - even after a good night's sleep I'll suddenly feel like I've been up 24 hours and it's a struggle to keep my eyes open. On Saturday Milord noticed me yawning like mad so sent me to bed while he took Princess out for a bit. When he got home I was still groggy so he let me lie in a while longer, and in the end I napped for nearly 2 hours! Awesome.

Princess came for a cuddle during my nap...

Weeks: 8
Weight: 75kg
Waist: 91cm
Thigh: 61cm

The Weight is creeping down while Waist and Thigh are mostly unchanged. My jeans feel looser so I guess my bum is shrinking? My bra feels looser too. At this rate I'll fit back into my pre-preggy clothes just as my bump pops!

Oh, and Princess is doing better today. She slept quietly until about 2am when I started to hear the odd wail every hour or so. At 4:30am I got her up for a bottle, medicine, vicks and nose drops (she really hates the nose drops!) and she went straight back to sleep until morning when we saw the best smiles in days! For breakfast she had a decent portion of porridge, more medicine etc, and then went back to bed.

She still has a bad cold but I think she may be on the mend. It's pouring with rain so we'll stay warm and quiet indoors again while I do Milord's taxes. Or play xbox. Oooooh, hard decision!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sick Baby

Oh what a day we are having...

Milord has had a horrible head cold for the past week. He's been feeling rotten and his snoring has driven me into Princess' room every night. Now, just as he's getting over it my little angel has come down with the dreaded lurgy. Coughing and snot and a lot of whinging and off her food and needing lots of cuddles.

Then to add insult to injury I decided to try Princess on scrambled egg for lunch. We last tried this 2 months ago with a bad reaction but I was hoping she'd be over the allergy (babies grow out of it after about a year they say). No such luck. Within 2 mouthfuls she was wailing and a rash appeared around her mouth. Lots of cuddles later she went very sleepy and I put her to bed, at which point she threw everything up. A complete change of clothes and bedding later she slept for 2 hours, then was happy to have a bottle.

Since then we've had whinging and small spit-ups. I think she threw up her paracetamol but I did't dare give her more because I wasn't sure, so the whinging got progressively worse. I managed to convince Princess to swallow a few spoonfuls of rice, then gave her ibuprofen and rocked her until she got twitchy and I put her to bed. I think she's napping, but I hear the odd bout of coughing followed by moaning. The timing for this sleep is all wrong, so I assume she'll wake up hungry in the night.

Milord has rung to say he's working late.


I need a hug. And if I wasn't preggers - a huge glass of wine!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Last Weekend

Last weekend Milord was off on a boy's weekend and Princess and I went to visit RuralChick and her family. They live an hour and a half inland and it is always at least 5 degrees colder there. I packed lots of warm clothes for Princess and off we went.

Usually RuralChick and I get through far too much wine but I'm completely off the grog for the first trimester so instead I took along herbal teas and we got through the weekend without a single hangover! RuralChick's 8 year old daughter is mad about babies and so Princess had a constant playmate, when she could prise her off her mum that is!

We chatted and went for a couple of frosty walks and read newspapers while kids and husband and neighbours came and went and did their thing. It was a very nice relaxing weekend - I even had a nap with Princess on Sunday afternoon!

When RuralChick has guests she sets them up in a converted barn next to the house, which has been turned into a granny-flat. It's very quiet and comfortable, but a bit chilly in spite of an oil-fin heater running flat out day and night. I was fine, under a thick blanket and duvet with an electric blanket making it toasty before I turned in, but Princess was another story. Her portacot mattress was level with the floor, and there was a significant chill at floor level. Although I'd added a warm jacket to her winter pyjamas and winter sleeping bag the poor darling had cold hands and feet by morning. I felt terrible! On the next night I had so many layers on Princess she couldn't roll over, and then at midnight I tucked a blanket over the top so she was really trapped! She was warm in the morning though...

I had assumed the chill was the reason for Princess having bad nights while we were away - she moaned every hour or so - but it seems she was teething. On Monday night (after I was home) Princess woke screaming a few times and we eventually dosed her with paracetamol which worked instantly and I could rock her to sleep. On Tuesday I had a good look and saw 2 bumps where her next 2 top teeth were nearly through. Today one of them is through and the other one is still coming but it doesn't seem to be bothering her any more, and she is back to her happy self.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

7 Weeks

Sized at approximately 1.6cm at the start of this week (from head to rump), your baby is now more obviously a human. At this stage, the embroyo is now called a foetus. With a head that is equal to the body in size, limbs are starting to form and many of the organ systems are nearing their final development stages. Your baby's heart is beating at approximately 160 beats per minute.

"more obviously a human" - excellent!

Gestation: 7 weeks
Weight: 75.5kg
Waist: 90cm

How do I feel?
I'm starting to get tired, although it's not hitting me as hard as last time. There is a big difference to being sleepy sitting in front of a computer in an office and being sleepy while playing with a baby - and I sometimes nap when Princess has her afternoon sleep. I have the odd slight nausea when my tummy is very empty, but as soon as I eat something that passes.

I'm losing my appetite, although food still tastes ok. I just don't feel "hungry" as such until my stomach rumbles, and even then I have trouble thinking of what I fancy eating. I often just wolf down a muesli bar as it's easy! I make a point of having greens and meat and fruit every day, but I'm having trouble thinking up menus because I have no appetite.

How does Milord feel?
Still thrilled. He has told everyone - I have neighbours congratulate me as they go by!

Today I visited my GP to start the medical ball rolling. Last pregnancy I was in her office like a shot once I knew I was pregnant, and this time I've waited 3 weeks before making a move! The difference with a second pregnancy is that I already have the answers to my questions: what to eat, what to do, what to expect, which hospital, which obstetrician, etc etc. It's very relaxed this time around!

My weight is beginning to creep down, which surprises me as I was away visiting friends over the weekend and ate rather well. I guess Flash is beginning to draw on my resources!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My Dad

- is doing great! He had his cancerous kidney (actually just the tube to the bladder but they took out the kidney too, to be thorough) out last Wednesday and I hear he should be going home tomorrow.

I am so happy!

And the best part is that now we can start talking about him coming over to visit me again - possibly in just a few weeks time!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

6 Weeks

(I've been writing these in secret but I'm now ready to let the world know that we are pregnant again! If you look back over the last couple of weeks there will be a few new posts revealed)

Sized at approximately 1cm in length at the start of this week (from head to rump), your baby's heart is beating at approximately 140 beats a minute. The umbilical cord linking the baby to your womb has developed and is busy working to supply your baby with all that it needs for growth and development.

Weight: 76kg

Not much has changed this week, although I have felt "peculiar" once or twice. Just sort of lightheaded, but a drink of water and a snack and a sit down sorts that out.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bouncy Bounce

I was visiting IrishMILF yesterday and Princess had a play in her baby's bouncer thingy. She loved it so much that IrishMILF lent it to me as her boy has outgrown it. While I was cooking last night I popped Princess in it and she had heaps of fun!



5 Weeks

Even at this early stage, your baby is busy developing. Sized approximately 5-10 mm and still called an embryo, the heartbeat is faster than yours and beating at around 100 beats a minute. The spine has finished developing and the brain is beginning to develop. (As the baby's shape and spine is curved for most of the next 3 months, the measurement of the baby's size is taken from the top of the head or crown, down to their bottom or rump)

Gestation: 5 weeks
Weight: 76kg
Waist: 90cm
Thigh: 61cm

Weight at this point last pregnancy: 71.5kg
Waist at this point last pregnancy: 87cm
Thigh at this point last pregnancy: 58cm

There is no chance of me posting "bump" photos yet! My waist has reduced by 3cm since last week though - I've been concentrating on tummy exercises. I have got to build my core strength while I still can. I'm a little surprised I haven't lost weight as I haven't been gorging myself, but then again I am not letting myself get hungry either.

How do I feel?
Normal. I think I'm starting to smell stuff strongly now though... last night I had a hot chocolate while Milord ate a mandarin and it was the olfactory equivalent of bathing in a Terrys Chocolate Orange! Today Princess has a sniffle and I've put a cloth smeared with Vicks under her sheet - walking into her room is like inhaling icicles.

Nope. I'm making a point of eating meat and greens though as I assume I'll go off them for the first trimester again soon. I've started iron supplements already as I had an iron problem last time and I don't want to feel like that again. Ever.

How does Milord feel?
Thrilled! He has started telling everyone, even the electrician who was around installing the aircon last night. I'm still keeping fairly quiet about it as 5 weeks is very early. I've told a few good friends and my family, but that's it so far.

We've already begun bandying names about. Milord is hoping for a boy this time (although of course he'd be fine with another girl) and we have been trying to think of the silliest boys names. We ended up giggling so hard over "Flash" (aaAh, saviour of the universe!) that our embryo is now known as Flash. Wonder if it'll stick?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I'm not feeling inspired to post lately.

My Dad is ill and I'm very worried about him. He will be having a cancerous kidney removed next week and... well... I'm freaking out very quietly.

I also have something else going on that I'm not ready to blog about. Nothing bad, but certainly distracting!

Life goes on. On Mondays we now go to "Rhyme Time" at the local library. Princess is fairly oblivious but I've learned a bunch of new nursery rhymes and the actions! Tuesdays is Mothers Group. Today I am meeting a girlfriend and her baby for coffee in a park. Tomorrow I am driving 1.5 hours to visit a friend who has a newborn baby boy. On Friday I'll probably stay in and catch up on housework!

Lunch with friends. Princess was at her most charming!

Breakfast in bed on the weekend.

Winding down before a morning nap.

Friday, 2 July 2010

10 Months

Princess is 10 months old!

Current weight: 9.5kg - she is following the 75th percentile curve perfectly.
Teeth: 4. Two bottom and two top.
Mobility: Still rubbish. Princess has lost interest in sitting, although I've seen her roll from her front to her back once and she's starting to push her bum in the air and inch-worm in place.
Feeding: 3 solid meals a day, and 3 bottle feeds.

Must... eat... cardigan... buttons!

All the other babies in my Mothers Group are crawling and pulling themselves up. Princess lies around and watches them with vague interest, and when they tumble over and past her she blinks in bemusement.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Here we go again!

I'm going to keep this post hidden for a few weeks until I've had a chance to tell my nearest and dearest. Milord would like to wait until we are 12 weeks along, but I doubt I can wait that long!

After just enough trying to take the fun out of our love life we have a result! I am both thrilled and apprehensive...

Weight: 76kg
Waist: 93cm

Weight at this point last pregnancy: 72kg
Waist at this point last pregnancy: 87cm

I am determined to not exceed the weight milestones I had last pregnancy. Because I am starting off 4kg heavier my goal is simply to not gain anything until I reach the milestone I was at last time when I got to 76kg pregnant. That was 28 weeks.

There is a good chance that I'll lose weight over the next couple of months anyway, as I've cut out all the bad things and will be concentrating on getting fit and strong while I still can. Today I did one of the 10-minute tummy workouts my Dad sent me, and I went for an hour's brisk walk along the river.

Other women like being pregnant because they get to put on weight guilt-free. I like pregnancy because I have an incentive to get fit!