Friday, 2 January 2009

First Day of Work 2009

So I made it into work today. I have a squeaky version of my voice now and my cough is under control... Someone has already asked me if I partied too hard over New Year! Geez I wish.

I'm feeling a bit tired so I probably won't work a full day...

Signs that the gods want me to go home:
1. My security pass isn't working. I had to wait 20 min in the lift lobby for someone to let me in to my floor!
2. My other team members haven't arrived. I wonder if they have taken the day off. This is awkward because I'm not sure what I should be working on... nothing much seems to have changed in the code since I was here a week ago!

Hey, one piece of good news - I've lost more than a kilo (2 pounds) over the past week. When I was very ill I wasn't interested in food, and when I started getting better I only wanted things like fresh fruit and salad - I went right off bread and meat and sweets. I now have an idea of what "consumption" must have been like in times past. *shivers*

I can't recommend being sick as a weight loss technique, but it's nice to begin the year with the festive fat already gone!

I have 28 days until Mom arrives in Sydney. I'll have to work for the first week that she is here, but then I'll have two weeks off with her before I fly to Cape Town for a wedding. This time we're staying put in Sydney, and I'm looking forward to exploring nearby attractions and going hiking in the national parks. Milord is pretending to be anxious about having her here for 3 weeks, but they actually get on fine!

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Suzanne said...

Isn't it amazing what being sick will do?

One of my goals last year was to cut down to one soda a week. I can happily say I've made it. Now, on to the other stuff...