Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Wuv, twu wuv

I was over at Auds', and she says that Marcy at The Glamorous Life Association has asked the entire blog world to write a post about love, marriage, or weddings, or all of them, and then link up on her site.

Aw, why not a little twu wuv on a wet afternoon? Beats working!

March 2005: I was about to turn 33, living alone an hour west of London in a cute little 1-bedroom double-story semi-detached house that I owned. My job was satisfying and well paid. I had a good circle of friends and life was being very kind to me. I hadn't found someone good enough to marry and have kids with, but rapidly approaching my mid-30s I was becoming resigned to the idea of spending my life child-free rather than settling for an inferior bloke.

Since splitting with Mountain Man 3 years previously I'd kissed a few frogs (and was half-heartedly dating yet another), but it is my considered opinion that most men in their mid-30s who are single deserve to be! All the good ones were married, and I figured I'd probably have to wait a few years for the 40-something divorcees to start freeing up. Of course by then (plus a couple of years courtship) I'd be too old for kids, but they'd probably have some of their own so that would be ok.

I'd decided to go away scuba diving over my birthday in early March. The closest warm clear scuba sites to the UK are in the Red Sea, and that's where I was off to. I can't remember now whose idea it was, but Mom decided to come with me and learn to dive too! My boyfriend hadn't been able to organise himself to come along, so he didn't.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea is awesome! We spent a week in Sharm el Sheik and loved it. The resort is a westerner-friendly town, and unlike Cairo and other parts of Egypt I never felt threatened as a female. I spent the first day doing a refresher course and then signed up for a boat dive to the Thistlegorm wreck the following day. As the dive site was a long way off a minibus would be picking me up at 4am...

...I am so not a morning person! I dragged myself onto the bus and huddled against a window, staring blearily out at the lights of Sharm as we trundled to the next hotel to pick up some more divers. A large man sat down next to me and we murmured a quiet greeting. He noticed that I was alone, and asked me if I wanted to buddy up with himself and his two mates - an English couple sitting in front of us. I agreed as being without a buddy sucks, even though you're ok in a group. I was trying to place his accent - Kiwi? Aussie? (yes they do sound the same to an outsider)

In the end I got buddied with the dive guide who wanted to keep an eye on me, but my new (Aussie, actually) pal gave me a hand humping air bottles around and putting my kit together. It was an amazing day's diving and I couldn't wait to do again! I asked my friend where he was diving the next day and he said they were doing a private dive. Oh well, pity. I swapped emails with him and with one of his travel mates, as I was planning to visit Oz within a couple of years and it's always nice to see a friendly face.

The following day my dive operator took a group of us diving in Dahab - a short drive from Sharm. We dived from shore, and did some really mind boggling diving through caves and tunnels and along vertical walls of coral. In the early afternoon we all went for lunch in a Dahab restaurant - and there was my buddy and his friends! I waved, but as our dive leader seemed to have an odd relationship with their dive leader I didn't go over (turns out they're exes).

The next day was my birthday, and I saw my friend at the dive center in the morning - we were heading to the same site, yay! On different boats, boo! He told me he'd be drinking in a certain pub that evening with a group he'd met the day before in Dahab, and I said I'd look for him... and off I went to the marina for another glorious day of diving. Mom was qualified to dive by this point and came along - she had decided to carry on for her advanced certificate so dived with own instructor, but it was lovely to have her on the boat. I think we did a couple of deep drift dives.

That evening Mom was exhausted, but as it was my birthday she gamely took me out to dinner. After dinner I talked her into going for a quick drink "with these divers I met the other day" at the Camel Bar. The Camel Bar is an expat diver bar - a bit rough with peanut shells on the floor! I dragged Mom through 2 levels of the place searching for my friend, and finally found him sitting out on the roof terrace under the stars. We had a couple of drinks (Mom left after one) and I think if I hadn't been diving the next day I might have stayed out a lot longer! He walked me back to my hotel and kissed me on the cheek.

The next day I knew my friend wasn't diving, as he was soon to fly home. Mom and I were waiting in the early morning sunshine for our lift to the marina, when who should appear "just dropping his kit off" at the crack of dawn? How nice to see him again! We chatted a bit and then I had to catch my lift so I gave him a big hug and he was gone from my life...

...except that I couldn't stop thinking about my new friend. I got home to England, took one look at my boyfriend and gave that loser the flick.

Then I sent my new mate in Australia a quick chatty email - and proceeded to stalk him from across the globe to his delighted surprise. Just over 4 years later we are married and expecting a baby and living in a house we bought together in Sydney. He still seems delightedly surprised, and I am still prepared to follow him to the ends of the Earth!

Preggy Update

Week: 17


Your baby will begin to form fat this week. [...] Your baby is approximately 5 inches long and weighs in at about 140-145 grams (5 ounces).

As your baby goes through some growth changes (getting bigger and beginning to add fat deposits under the skin) you may find yourself growing too. Average weight gain to this point in pregnancy is about five to ten pounds, but don't worry if you are a little off.

I'm feeling fine. A little weary, but I'm resigned to not getting my energy back again... this year? No movements yet, but they say I should feel something any day now.

My weight is still steady at 71kg although I forgot to take any measurements today. I'm kind of surprised, because Milord was away for a few days last week and I lived on spag bol for 4 nights straight! Guess the baby is sucking in the nutrients.

Milord is funny - he keeps "testing" me to check I'm not doing the "wrong" things.

Me: I actually made it to the gym today!
Him: Oh good. Did you have a nice run?
Me: I'm not doing any running, I just do low-impact stuff these days.
Him: Excellent.

Me: I'm going to have a bath.
Him: A nice hot bath?
Me: No, just a warm one, I can't have a hot one.
Him: Yes, I know.

It's got the point where if I think I'm doing something borderline like lying on my back or eating peanut butter I don't tell him it could be iffy!

Friday, 27 March 2009


Yes, it's still about my belly! Who's sick of hearing about my pregnancy already - or do you find the minor details fascinating? Childfree ladies are going "oh wow, bizarre" and moms are saying "yep, remember that". And men are thinking "eep"!

How about a belly-related story then? I wiped all my stories off the blog a little while ago when I was feeling meh, but they are safe and I might bring them back one by one.

During my previous life I lived in London in a 3 bedroom apartment with Mountain Man, T and at least one other Saffa at any time. L lived across the river but would visit often as her houseshare was all boys and she needed a break! We'd been living in London for perhaps a year I think, so it must have been the summer of 2000. Oh wow, that's nearly 10 years ago!

T had recently broken up with her long-term fella of 7 years, C. She'd moved to London before him, and in the 6 months it took him to get his arse in gear and follow he'd had a torrid affair with a girl in Cape Town. He never quite broke it off and it all turned very ugly in the end when he finally left T to be with the new girl, who had moved to London following him! Obviously T was devasted, and the girls rallied round until she found her feet again.

Who remembers "Bridget Jone's Diary"? We'd all been reading it and as we lived quite close to a lot of Bridget's haunts in Notting Hill us grrrls would seek out the bars and restaurants (192 exists!) mentioned in the book and drink chardonnay in homage! One fine Saturday afternoon T, L and I were ambling through Notting Hill market on our way to one of said bars. It's a shabby-chic area, complete with tattoo parlours and strange dingy shops full of arty, vintage, antiquey stuff.

T paused outside a tattoo parlour plastered with designs and metalwork... "C never let me get a piercing. I want to get a piercing. No, I want to get two piercings!"

"You go girl!" cried L. "I'll get one with you!"

"Um..." said I, who'd never even thought about getting a piercing before in my life "Really? I'll, uh, I'll join you guys... um."

Pumped with girl power bravado we stalked into the shop and told the scarey bald tattooed man what we wanted. "Ok girls, but I'm with a client right now, come back in half an hour". How much chardonnay can you drink in half an hour? Huh, looOooser (holds hand in L-sign on forehead).

Before I knew it we were in the back room of the tattoo parlour, with T stretched out on a table getting a belly piercing, then a nose stud. I cannot for the life of me remember who went next, but a little while later all three of us were standing in the street looking down at our smarting belly rings*. We picked up a load of wine and went home to celebrate!

Of the three of us I am the only one still to have my piercing. Within a month T had to take her nose stud out for work, and her belly ring fell out, and both holes closed. A year later L took her belly ring out to please a (now long-gone) boyfriend.

But me, the one who hates showing her tummy and who was the most unlikely person to ever stud her body with metal? I still have mine (in spite of past disapproving boyfriends). It is so a part of me that I'm not even aware of it any more. For my wedding, when I bought gold sparkly earrings to wear on the day I also bought a matching gold sparkly belly bar! If you look closely at my photos you can just see the little bump under my dress...

...I took it out last weekend. The hard swell of my tummy is making the belly bar stick out so much that I'm not comfortable with the bump under my clothes. I really miss it and my belly button looks strangely nekkid. I look forward to hopefully putting it back in 6 months time!

* Yes it hurt, and mine took several months to heal properly which made waistbands a trial!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Preggy Update - Pics

Pictures from week 16.

Note to self: the lighting from the windows during the day is wahey more flattering than the overhead lights before work in the morning! Also, black and white is much nicer than colour... make time to photoshop these damn things.

Funny, I don't look that pregnant in these photos, but looking down at the hard round bulge (my feet have almost disappeared) I feel enormous!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Preggy Update

I didn't go into work yesterday. My back was sore and I knew there was nothing urgent waiting for me - except some testing and I really hate testing! I waved Milord off and relaxed in bed with a cup of chamomile tea. I snoozed on and off until shortly after midday - I'm still blaming pregnancy for my weariness!

My back is much better today and I'm back at work... funny how I mainly blog from work not home, but I add a few lines whenever my program is compiling! Kat mentioned in her comments that I might not have time to blog once I'm a mommy, but I reckon I may have tons of time then - I'll only need one hand to type while the other holds bub to boob. Gotta do something to stay sane at 3am right?

Week: 16 and 1 day

My belly is growing at the rate of 1cm per week at the moment - no wonder I can't comfortably get into my pre-preggy trousers! I can still wear a lot of skirts because they just ride up over the bump... très chic.

Weight: 71kg (same as last week, -0.5 since start)
Boobs: 99cm (same as last week, +1cm since start)
Ribs: 83cm (+1cm since last week, +1cm since start)
Waist: 89cm (+1cm since last week, +2cm since start)
Hips: 99cm (+1cm since last week, +1cm since start)
Thigh: 56cm (same as last week, -2cm since start)

It's amazing that my weight is stable - I must still be swapping fat for bump. I wonder if my butt has shrunk... probably a lot, considering that I have lost 2cm off each thigh! (my "hip" measurement is not a good indicator of fat loss because the tape crosses my lower belly which is swelling) My upper arms certainly feel slimmer, and my double chin is gone.

I'm also getting more wrinkles as my fat layer melts away! Nooooo!

Before you freak out that I'm losing weight when I "shouldn't", bear in mind that my pre-preggy lifestyle was jolly unhealthy. We indulged in wine and carbs a lot, especially on the weekends, and that has completely stopped for me (I don't much fancy chips when I'm not drinking). While I'm eating a decent amount now, I hardly indulge in junk.

This is my menu today:
Breakfast: 2 slices of multi-grain bread, with marg and jam. 1 small glass of juice.
Lunch: Cheddar cheese sandwich on multi-grain bread. Celery and carrot sticks. 1 small box of juice.
Dinner: Homemade spaghetti bolognaise (yum).
Snacks: Apples, grapes, dried fruit, biscuits. 2L water. 3 cups tea.

When I'm hungry I eat - and I don't watch my portions or bother with "low-fat" like I used to. Then again I haven't had the incredible munchies that other women tell me is coming... that may change everything!

Current Pregnancy Symptoms:

  • Weariness - although I am not a fraction as tired as I was in the first trimester I'm still generally weary. I sleep like the dead (in spite of toilet trips) and I can nap easily when I get the chance.

  • Nose Bleeds - drat, I thought I was done with these. I'm getting one or two small nose bleeds a week, usually at night when I wash my face before bed. I wish my towels weren't white!

  • Pigmentation - I'm getting pale brown blotches on my face, mainly my forehead so far. Apparently this is caused by extra oestrogen. I used to get blotching when I was on the pill too, and that's one of the reasons I switched to the injection and implant. I am now officially sun-shy! No line on my belly yet.

  • Frequent weeing - well yes, I wee a lot, but I also drink a huge amount of water (I seem to be constantly thirsty) so I'm not surprised. I get up at least twice in the night to wee, but that's not a new thing for me (during my party days I got into the habit of drinking several glasses of water before going to bed to fend off hangovers) and I can visit the loo in my sleep!

  • Twinges in my groin/belly when I cough/sneeze/stand up - "achoo! ow!" This is caused by ligaments stretching to handle the swelling uterus. Oh well.

  • Nipple changes - they are slightly bigger and darker and, um, bobblier around the edges? Milord finds big nipples gross - STFU!

  • Heartburn - not too bad yet but getting steadily worse. Reducing the amount I eat in one sitting helps.

  • Spots - dammit. I never get spots! Now I have a constant battle... mind you I was complaining to Milord and he said he hadn't noticed so guess it's under control! (I am pretty good about not squeezing so they don't swell up and turn red)

Pregnancy Symptoms I don't have (yet):
  • Sore boobs - I've been waiting for what sound like agonising changes. My boobies feel sort of "rock-hard" to me and a hard hug that squishes them makes me squeak, but I wouldn't call them "sore" generally.

  • Mood swings - I can be quite crabby when I'm tired or hungry, but the classic rages/weeping etc? Nope. If anything I am more chilled out than usual - being pregnant seems to put the trivial things into perspective.

  • Headaches - No thank heavens. A couple of mild ones but nothing special.

  • Backaches - Not really, but I can sense my centre of gravity starting to move forward as the bump grows. I'm doing core strengthing exercises to help fend this one off.

  • Constipation - Nope. I have loads of fibre and water in my diet so that's all working ok.

  • Nasal Congestion - um. Not since I started treating my hayfever with a nasal spray. Is that cheating?!

  • Veins... not sure about this one. I do have blue veins on my boobs but I don't know if they're new. The don't leap out at me so I assume they were there already!

  • Dizzyness - not that I've noticed.

  • Stretch Marks... well, nothing new. I am so going to get these though. A few years back I went through a miserable time and blimped out through comfort eating, and I have stretch marks from then. They don't bother me too much though as they're quite close in colour to my usual skin colour... just sort of shiny.

  • Itching - not yet. IrishMILF is/was going mental with itching as her belly stretched. I have plenty of existing belly to fill out first though! I'm moisturising with cream and oil to give myself a fighting chhance.

  • Baby Movements - nuthin. And I'm watching like a hawk! I'm watching out for "wind" or "fluttering" or anything unusual but nothing so far. tch, c'mon kid!

Blog staying...

Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

Maybe I should just harden the fuck up and stop caring what people say. It could be a helpful life skill!

I'll carry on blogging here, but if you ever bump into me and get the urge to say "you shouldn't blog about...." - just bear in mind that I'm listening.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Blog heading underground... maybe

I've been thinking about this for a long time... Sometimes my blog offends people who I know in Real Life.

A week or so ago I went though several years of posts and deleted anything that folk might find offensive. I moved my personal self-censorship from "moderate" to "strict". I barely allude to things that trouble me and my blog has become a colourless recital of pregnancy symptoms...

...and still the other day I received calls and messages from Sis taking exception to something I wrote.

I really am on the brink of taking my blogging elsewhere, where no one knows me and I can say what I like.

Would you mind? Would you miss me? Would you follow?


I've cricked my back... while towelling my hair this morning. I can't turn my head or look up - ow ow ow. The only thing I can take at this time is paracetamol. It has done wonders for my posture because if I lean forward on an elbow I can't raise my head to see the screen! I hope it eases soon.

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday afternoon Milord dropped me at the shops and went to play golf. I went into K-Mart, picked up a big basket and began shopping. I see the smock look is still in fashion - something that has been driving me nuts for the last few years as I don't wear smocky things because they make me look pregnant... hmmm. So any top that looked smocky went into the basket, as did any shorts or trousers that looked soft and stretchy. I looked in the tiny maternity section but I'm not ready for the specially tailored belly tops yet!

Then to look for a couple of new bras. I reckon I might as well move into "maternity" bras now because then I've got them for later... I grab a few and wander off to the fitting room, leaving my basket behind. After trying a couple of styles I end up in a very comfortable 16D with room to grow (I'm usually a 14C). Back to the bra rack to grab another colour in the same style, and then back to where I left my basket. Huh. No basket. Hunt hunt hunt... I think I've been tidied! Bugger.

By this point I'm a bit fed up with shopping and I need a wee, so I grab another basket and do a much faster sweep of the racks and pick up far fewer clothes, pay for them and leave. After visiting the loo I do a swift grocery shop and catch the bus home, where I have a late lunch and lie down for 10 minutes.

I wake up 2 hours later... I guess I needed that! Although the exhaustion of the first few months has passed I'm still generally weary and I sleep whenever I can.

All my new clothes are comfortable over the bump, although I confess that I still don't like the smock style. Being generously endowed in the hip and bum area my waist needs as much emphasis as possible so I usually wear tops that follow my contours, not swamp them. Consider me swamped.

On Sunday we met up with friends for a quick drink (sigh) and got invited to an impromptu bbq in the evening. I was craving some picnic-next-to-the-sea time, so Milord and I had an hour under a tree in a park on the harbour before meeting up with the gang again. I haven't spent time with Milord's friends in ages, so it was nice to catch up.

Thing not to say to your pregnant wife who has outgrown her normal clothes:

  • "That smock top would look better over fitted shorts or jeans" (I don't have any that do up!)

  • "Bwhahahah! Oh very sexay!" (On seeing me in any maternity trousers)

  • "Your nipples must be bigger and darker, I can see them through that top" (Gee, thanks, now I'm aware of my nipples)

  • "Yes, your bump is turning me off a bit" (ouch)

Friday, 20 March 2009

Preggy Pants

Ok, so there isn't much else of interest going on in my life!

  • Work is hectic - we are 2 weeks from release date and are working long hours to meet the deadline. I haven't had to work a weekend yet but it may still happen.

  • Our renovation plans are with the council for approval and we're still waiting for a quote from one of our builders. We hope to begin in the first week of April, but who knows?

  • Milord are I are trying to scrape up the money we will need for the house and the baby, so we're staying in a lot. I don't want to drink and he's mostly joined me on the wagon, so we have very quiet nights in and are usually reading a book in bed by 10pm.

The only fun happening is my burgeoning belleh!

Yesterday I went shopping for maternity pants (that's "trousers" not "knickers" for you poms reading this). I've decided to get a couple of good trousers from a posh shop and the rest of the gear cheap from K-Mart and Target. There is a Pumpkin Patch near work so I popped in there at lunchtime - they have a small maternity section behind all the kids clothes.

I had to ask for help with the sizing as everything is S/M/L not the usual 10/12/14 - there was a tiny sign with the conversions but I didn't see it! (I'm an M by the way...) I picked up some pants and took them into the change room.

It has to be the first time since I was about 12 that I've shopped for clothes for comfort not "do I look thin in this?"! Ok so I certainly don't look thin - if anything they really accentuate the bump by being cut to go underneath it. I read in a pregnancy magazine that I'd do myself a favour by buying maternity gear rather than just getting bigger normal clothes, because the cut is totally different - and they are so right! My maternity trousers fit nicely in the bum and leg, and allow for the bump in front without being baggy.

I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of black work slacks - both in stretchy material and with enough legroom to allow for growth of bum and thigh. IrishMILF told me that her thighs grew out of her maternity jeans within a month of buying them (she does tend toward skin-tight gear), so I've erred on the side of loose although they're not baggy. The jeans have a built in "belly-band" which made Milord laugh (this will stop the belly peeking out from under tops when I'm bigger, but for now it looks like I have really huge knickers on that reach up to my waist!).

We have casual Fridays at the bank and I've worn my new jeans in. And they are fantastic - it's like being in pyjama bottoms they are so comfortable! Nothing digging into the bump... aaah.

I'm very chuffed.

Tomorrow I'm off to K-Mart to look for loose tops and bigger bras (My C-cups are feeling a little tight). Shopping woohoo!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Preggy Belly

I was struck by a comment on another preggy blog the other day about how annoying it is when people feel they can touch your bump... I googled the phenomenon and it seems to be rife!

I have a very strong sense of personal space and I don't particularly like being touched. Friends and family are totally entitled to hugs and kisses of course, I'm not that standoffish - but having a stranger touch/press/lean/breathe on me is not nice and I find it very stressful. I will actually leave my seat if a co-worker crowds me during a discussion of what's on my screen.

So far only three people apart from Milord (who I obviously don't mind touching me) have gone for my bump... and I'm fond of them all. My auntie gave my belly a pat when she last saw me (and stunned me momentarily speechless), my sister likes to talk to my middle (I'm so not comfortable with that yet), and a local friend has to pat and stroke me on the tummy whenever she sees me (it's is beginning to drive me crazy).

How am I going to cope when complete strangers grope me without asking? And why do people do this? I've never felt a bump without being invited, and I can't imagine grabbing the belly of someone I don't know.

At the moment I assume I'm going to say "Please don't do that" while gently brushing their hands away. I did read about a lady who literally slapped strange men who touched her belly without asking - now that sounds like fun! I'll keep it in mind for a really bad day!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 15 and 1 days

Now that my bump has arrived it is growing at an alarming rate! It's a bit like being fat except it's such a firm bulge that it feels really peculiar... like I have a volleyball being pumped up inside.

I am now in my biggest pair of "fat pants" - a pair of work trousers that I bought in a hurry one day and then never wore because they'd fall off. Well, they're certainly not falling off now! They're snug, and getting snugger by the day.

I have now told my workplace the news, and they're saying all the right things. It's nice not to pretend anymore. I had my contract renewed to the end of June and I'm reasonably hopeful that they'll keep me on until the end of August.

Measurements (since week 13):
Weight: 71kg (same)
Boobs: 99cm (+1cm)
Ribs: 82cm (same)
Waist: 88cm (+1cm)
Lower tummy: 97cm (+1cm)
Hips: 98cm (+1cm)
Thigh: 56cm (-1cm)

Hey, my boobs have finally started growing! Not that they need to or anything, I was just wondering when that would start. They're not sore so I'm lucky there. It's bizarre that my weight is the same as last week when my midriff is so much bigger - I guess I'm still shedding a bit of fat, of which there is still plenty!

How do I feel: Pretty good. My energy levels are still lower than normal, but I don't think they're going to come back during the pregnancy somehow. Or during the first year or so after birth from what everyone tells me! I'm not "glowing" or "blooming" but I do have to cleanse like crazy to keep the spots under control - and I never get spots so that's a bit annoying.

I had a few mild headaches and one nosebleed, but hopefully that stage has passed. My doctor has let me start using an over-the-counter steriod nasal spray for my hayfever which has just about cleared it up - yay! (Thanks T for suggesting it) I am now starting the indigestion and gassy stage I think (ugh), but smaller meals and a lot of water helps.

On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is normal for me and 1 is non-existent, I'd say my sex drive is back up to 8. It was at 2 when I was so tired! Sorry Dad, but this is a topic of conversation for parents-to-be so I thought I'd throw it out there!

Cravings?: Not really, but Milord has started bringing home ice cream. He eats more of it than I do! I do fancy salt a lot, but I try to suppress that.

How does Milord feel? Super. He's just about cut out booze in solidarity so he feels a lot healthier too. He isn't losing as much weight as he expects, but the ice cream might have something to do with it!

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: I hear that I'm supposed to be having spectacular farts. Because a pregnant lady's digestion slows we get more smelly gas... at the moment Milord's ice cream farts totally beat anything I'm producing!

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: IrishMILF tells me that when a dance track comes on her ipod the baby rocks out. How can a baby hear anything from your earbud? I'm filing this under "hmm".

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Preggy Weight

I've had a couple of questions regarding my size reduction since falling pregnant...

Of course I have a graph!

The blue line is my weight, and the pink line is a vague "healthy gain" guideline, based on a 2kg gain at 20 weeks and a 10kg gain at 40 weeks. Yes, that's conservative but I was a bit overweight to begin with so I used the "fat mother" figures!

I conceived just before Christmas and found out just after New Year, so that's why there is a bit of a spike around Week 2- 4!

I was 71.5kg at my last period (week 0). I was 72.5kg at conception (week 2) and 72kg when I had a positive test (week 4). This is very heavy for me, and the moment I stopped boozing and began eating right I started losing weight and was 71kg at the end of Jan. In Feb I lost another 0.5kg and I've stayed steady since then.

That's a loss of 2kg since conception. [1kg was lost between the 2 photos in the previous post]

Now, considering that I should have gained about 1 to 3kg of baby bump during the first trimester, let's assume that I'm carrying a minimum of 1.5kg of bump.

That means I've lost 3.5kg of fat and I'm around 69kg excluding the baby. That puts my BMI at just under 25 which is the upper limit of "normal" (I'm a very average shape so I reckon the BMI calc works for me). My clothes all still fit although being firmer around the middle means that waistbands are getting very uncomfortable.

I have not been starving myself - I have 3 decent meals a day and plenty of fruit, yogurt and biscuits as snacks. During my food aversion phase I lived on cheese sandwiches!

So all in all a healthy weight loss and all to the good in the long run.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Preggy Update

We're not calling the baby "Bluebottle" at all - the name never stuck. We seem to be calling it "The Baby", which is fine by me!

Hey, check this out... photos from Week 5 and Week 13 (last week):

Huh. I swear I look less pregnant now than I did 2 months ago! My fat roll has mutated into a slightly higher, much firmer bulge... and my back, arm and leg fat has reduced. My cheekbones are making a valiant effort at an emergence, which is nice.

I got asked what a "onesie" is... It's a generic brandname for a one-piece baby outfit, also called a babygro, romper etc. These are ones Sis gave me:


Cute, eh?

Week: 14 and 3 days

I took Milord along with me to visit the obstetrician this week. My doctor discussed the 12-week scan and blood results with us and said exactly what we needed to hear in just the way we needed to hear it. We came away confident and reassured and, above all, happy. The baby looks perfect, nothing to worry about.

Milord has finally embraced his impending dad-hood and is as excited and joyful as he should be.

How do I feel: I have my mojo back! The exhaustion has passed and I enjoy food again... I like salad and veg and meat and I don't fall asleep in the work toilets every afternoon. I can plan and cook meals again. Oh what a pleasure!

Cravings?: I sort of crave salads after not having them for so long...

How does Milord feel? He's over the moon. His wife is back to her perky self and the doctor set his mind at ease.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: Not a fact, but why, if my bump is growing up around my bellybutton, do the ultrasound tech and obstetrician both end up digging around so very low in my pelvis to find the baby? What exactly is that bump if it's not the baby?

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: Not a tale, but a pregnant friend of mine says she's stopped worrying about eggs and cheeses and shellfish now that she's started her third trimester. I'm pretty sure toxoplasmosis and salmonella are really really bad all the way though the pregnancy... Just because a preemie might live is no reason to court disaster.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Yesterday was my birthday - I am now 37. Milord kept trying to get a rise out of me by teasing me about being older, but really I don't mind! There is far too much else going on...

Milord "gave" me the snazzy pair of sunglasses I bought in duty-free on my recent trip and a lovely soppy "For my Darling Wife" card (my first!).

I went to work as usual, and chose not to tell anyone. I don't really have a close rapport with this team, and as I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet I didn't want to have to try and dodge lunch-time drinks etc! I did get lots of emails and texts from friends and family around the world though, so that was nice.

After work Milord and I drove to a shopping center halfway to home and had a look at the movies showing. Nothing tempted us so we walked to the main road and went to dinner at a lovely little bistro we discovered when Mom was here.

I have fantastic news: my food aversions seem to have mostly passed! Woohoo! I again enjoy salad and veggies and fish and meat. What a relief! We shared a nibbly starter platter and then I had a very good grilled salmon fillet (I had to have it cooked through because rare=dangerous right now, but it was still yummy). Milord had a rib-eye steak.

And... I had a little bit of wine! I'm allowed the occasional glass of booze now that I'm past the first trimester, and it was sooo delicious. I'm allowed 3 glasses a week or something but I think I'll try to avoid grog in general unless it's a special occasion. Tell you what though - I am a cheap date after nearly 3 months teetotal! The second sip went directly to my knees.

When we got home Mom called me for a short chat, and then I fell into bed and hardly moved until morning... a very nice day indeed!

Hols 4

I'm here, I'm here, just been very tired and a bit busy at work!

So, I spent a week in South Africa at the end of Feb. Flying there took 28 hours, and flying home took 24 hours, with 3 hops each way. Ugh.

  • I hate flying long haul.

  • I hate flying long haul alone.

  • I hate flying long haul sober!

  • Next time I'll get aisle seats not window seats. I got very twitchy when my seat mates were asleep.

  • Airline food is nasty, and even more so when you have food aversions. I lost half a kilo each way. Seriously.

  • I am not flying long haul with my kids until they are over 5 years old. There were babies and toddlers screaming all. of. the. way.

  • Earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones saved my sanity.

  • Singapore airport is awesome!

  • Jetlag on top of pregnancy totally sucks.

I landed in Cape Town mid morning and my Aunt Jane and Uncle Charles very kindly picked me up to give me a lift to my accommodation (it is impossible to get from Cape Town Airport to anywhere except the city without a car). This is the aunt who usually greets me with "Wow, you're fat!" so I was in a state of trepidation considering I was 3 months pregnant! Luckily she skipped that statement this time... They drove me to Paarl where we stopped for directions to the accommodation, found it, dropped off my bags and went for a lovely lunch among the vineyards. Then they left me and I had a very welcome shower and a lie down.

Heidi and her 3 (T, J and L) bridesmaids arrived shortly after 3pm and I joined them by the pool for tea (me) and champagne (them) while we finished wrapping her wedding favours. At about 6pm I had to go for a quick snooze, and then at 8ish we went out for dinner. My food aversions were playing havoc and my grilled fish dinner (the exact same as 3 others had and raved about) tasted like cardboard... I pushed it around my plate until everyone finished.

Funnily enough (hee) the talk was mostly of pregnancy and babies (3 of the others have kids) and I only realised we were annoying the bride when she thumped the table and cried "I'm sick of talking about babies! I want to talk about My Wedding tomorrow!" Oooops. So then myself and the other two married girls waxed lyrical about our weddings and husbands, and paid her the required attention. I felt really sorry for L, the only unmarried unfertilised member of the group!

I was sharing a room with T, one of my best mates based in England, and we stayed up talking until midnight. I was awake at 6am with hayfever and then couldn't get back to sleep. Damn you hayfever that I can't medicate at the moment! Damn you jetlag!

Us girls met up for breakfast, and then hair and makeup people and family started to arrive. My and T's room, as the largest and most bright, was used as the "getting ready" room. Which I didn't mind except that by midday when my eyes were slamming shut I had nowhere to lie down! I tried to snooze in a hammock outside but it didn't work. I also got hungry in the afternoon... I discovered rusks in the tea-making set of a bedroom and scarfed them. A little later I found J and L snacking on a salad and had a bit of that too but it wasn't really enough. So, one tired and hungry pregnant woman ended up squeezing into her dress that afternoon!

I swear I developed a baby bump on the plane on the way over - or else I was bloated (which does happen to me after long haul flights). Whatever the reason, my dress didn't fit quite as well as it had the week before! Luckily I'd invested in some serious support knickers - the ones that look like bicycle shorts with a wide band around the lower belly. They squidged my bump flattish and although my dress was snugger than I like it looked ok!

The wedding was lovely - a late afternoon ceremony held outside on a lawn with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Heidi looked every inch a princess and the dresses she chose for her bridesmaids were stunning - a flattering cut in cornflower blue. It was a small gathering - about 40 people, which I think is a good number for a wedding so that you can get to talk to everyone. The reception was held in a function hall int he same place and the meal was apparently good too. My flipping food aversions were still apon me so that I practically gagged on the starter and merely poked at the main. The dessert was devine though!

When the meal and speeches were over I could barely stay upright I was so tired, so I caught a lift back to the accommodation and was asleep before 11pm. My jetlag woke me at 7am, but at least I'd had a decent night's sleep!

Hordes of people turned up for the post-wedding brunch, after which Dad and Stepmom arrived to fetch me. We into Cape Town and went to visit Sis, who was recuperating from an Achilles tendon operation. Mom and Dad have paid for her to stay in a nursing home for 6 weeks and she has been spoiled rotten - waited on hand and foot and fed like a pre-Christmas turkey! We had a nice visit, I gave her presents from Mom and me, and she gave me a New Age mothering book and the most adorable onesies for the baby. I've hung the onesies on our bedroom door handle and Milord and I look at them all the time!

Then off to Dad's house in Saldanha (1.5 hours from Cape Town on the west coast), a light meal and I was in bed early!

For the next few days I took it really easy. I'd rise shortly after StepMom went to work (Dad had time off), have a cup of tea, rusks and fruit with Dad, shower then go for a walk/drive/shopping trip/lunch with Dad. Home for a nap/read/tv show until StepMom got home, then after giving them some quality time we'd all chat and organise dinner and I'd have an early night again... I was exhausted! I don't remember ever being so tired before - the jetlag on top of the pregnancy on top of the minimal sleep around the wedding totally floored me.

I had another visit with Sis while Dad was busy, and I pushed her wheelchair to the local shopping centre for lunch which was very pleasant.

And one afternoon my Dad took me to the nearby lagoon where he is learning to kite-board... he doesn't quite have the hang of it yet so he spends some of the time being dragged through the water trying to stand up and the rest of it involuntarily high in the air trying to land nicely!

About the point where I no longer needed afternoon naps it was time to head home! Ugh.

The highlight of that trip was meeting up with Mom in Singapore airport! We overlapped for a couple of hours so I popped into her hotel room for a shower and a cup of tea before the next leg of my journey.

And then finally home to Sydney, to Milord, to my bed and my own pillow.... and another week of exhaustion before I felt human again!

Friday, 6 March 2009


So I'm sanitising this blog, because I am sick of people telling me I shouldn't be posting about certain stuff. Obviously this is my own fault for sending people here who actually know me!

I'll keep this as the holiday/preggie/baby/house log, but I'll be posting my inner monologue elsewhere...

Blog Rollees... you may see me commenting over at yours with a new name in the near future ;-)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 13 and 1 days

We went for the 12 week scan on Monday, and based on the size of the baby (66mm from top of head to bottom of... bottom?) they have revised my due date to 5 days earlier! My menstrual cycle is exactly 5 days shorter than the norm at 23 days, so that makes sense apparently. My new due date is the 8th September!

Everything is looking good. Baby has the required number of hands, feet, arms, legs, head, brain etc. No we can't see genitals (or lack thereof) yet - that will have to wait for the next scan at about 19 weeks. They measured the fluid in the neck and based on that the risk of Downs Syndrome is reduced to 20%. I'm just waiting for some blood results now to lower the risk to just 10% - which still sounds rather high doesn't it?

The only option to completely rule out Downs is an amniocentesis test, where they take a bit of the amniotic fluid from the uterus (via a whopping great needle) and test it. The procedure carries a risk of miscarriage, so we're in 2 minds about it.

I'm feeling very bloated today so I'll take my measurements tomorrow and then update this post. I definitely have a little bump now... but as I've lost weight recently my clothes are not tight yet.

Measurements (compared to those taken at week 5):
Weight: 71kg (-0.5kg)
Boobs: 98cm (same)
Ribs: 82cm (same)
Waist: 87cm (same)
Hips: 97cm (-1cm)
Thigh: 57cm (-1cm)

Lower tummy bump: 96cm

Ok, wierd. Apart from the bump (which was a fat roll back then) my measurements are the same if not smaller than at week 5! I forgot to take a photo today - if I remember I'll take one and come update this post again.

How do I feel: Tired tired tired. Now that I'm back at work I'm missing my afternoon nap! This could have something to do with jet lag though, as I've been really struggling to get back to normal. I slept well last night so I hope the jet lag is over.

Cravings?: My appetite is still a bit wonky - I really don't want meat or salad but I'm managing the odd bit of chicken and I had a beef pie last night so that's good. Milord goes on about me not getting enough protein but I'm eating fish, nuts and cheese as well as the odd little bit of meat so I think he's being a fusspot... better than uncaring I suppose! We may have to go looking for biltong this weekend.

How does Milord feel: I thought he'd be totally stoked after the 12 week scan showed that all was well, but instead he seems even more freaked out than before. The continuing 10% risk of Downs is doing his head in, as well as the fact that no other mental illness can be detected in the womb.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: I've started getting random nosebleeds, this is apparently normal and I can also expect bleeding gums too! Nice. This has something to do with the extra blood I have in my system - I'll have up to 2 litres of extra blood by the due date. I can already feel my heart labouring to move it all around.

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: One totally rubbish one that springs to mind this week is that "jumping and stretching might make the cord go around the baby's neck and choke it"... because during my scan on Monday the sonographer had me practically belly-dancing on the table trying to wake the baby up so that it would turn around!