Monday, 1 December 2008

House - 3 Months on

I realised that I haven't posted about our "renovater's delight" of a house since the week we moved in, apart from a snap or two of the backyard on a sunny day.

We haven't been able to do much since we moved in back in August, because our cashflow dried up and we've just been paying off the builders in installments! Now that they are out of the way we're trying to get the credit card back to a sensible figure. We are camping, but it's warm and dry and so on...

This past weekend Milord went away for his quarterly boy's golf and drinking weekend. I woke up to the sound of rain on Saturday morning, sprawled in the middle of the bed after a fabulous night's sleep. I fetched the newspaper from the front step, made a cup of coffee and went back to bed and read the paper for a while.

At about 9:30am I threw on some scruffy clothes and entered the spare bedroom. Well, it was more of a box/junk room - and I could hardly get inside the door! Why does that always happen with junk rooms? The stuff slowly but surely advances towards the door until it becomes a form of barricade! We'd had to dig through dozens of boxes a month ago to find our sailing gear, and the boxes had been left where they ended up.

I had decided to move as many of the smaller boxes as I could into the laundry dungeon to give us a bit of leeway, so for over an hour I repacked and taped up boxes of books, cds and dvds, hoisted them into my arms, carried them the length of the house, down three steps and into the laundry. I managed to move 9 boxes out. By this point the rain had passed, the sun is out and I'm sweating like a labourer! I turned on the ceiling fan in the spare room and continued...

We have a number of plastic storage boxes, and I stacked them from floor to ceiling at one end of a wall, climbing a stepladder to get the top ones in place. Then I made a start on the big boxes - repacking, taping and stacking them as high as I could with the really heavy ones at the bottom. On top of those I put empty suitcases and light bits and pieces, climbing up and down the ladder.

Now I could actually reach the queen-size bed which was propped on its side against the other wall. I moved an armchair and three portable heaters out of the way, screwed in the bed legs, and gently lowered the base to the ground. Then I wrestled the mattress on top of the base. I was knackered, but I was almost finished so I kept going! I moved wine into the winerack, stationery to the desk, and tried to stuff any remaining items into gaps in my wall of boxes...

Finally I was done... and I ached all over. I took a shower and sat down to a much deserved late brunch - at 1pm. During the afternoon I did several loads of laundry, took a trip to the hardware store for some bits and pieces, replaced most of the floor-protecting sliders under the sofas and beds (which meant I had to keep lifting the damn things), and while I was moving sofas and beds I gave the rooms a good vacuuming. Then I made up both beds with clean linen and collapsed on the couch at 5pm with a bottle of wine, cold roast chicken, blue cheese, avocado and fresh bread.

Two days later I still hurt, but the house is looking ok!

So, I took a few pictures:

This is the spare room. It is surprisingly big now that the bed is down. We can also fit in a big armchair, and a hanging rail thingy.

This is view from the bed! Eeep.

This is our bedroom. Nothing much has changed in here.

Bathroom. I am still in the process of getting the grout smudges off the tiles. No one told us you had to wash the grout off the tiles within a day of the tiles being set. If you don't then the stuff goes rock hard and won't wash off - I don't want to tell you how much scrubbing and cursing has gone on in this room! I have now discovered that an application of vinegar and a gentle scraping with a blade is the only way to shift the stuff, and I am doing a handful of tiles a day. Bleah.

Lounge room looking towards the back door. Note the camping kitchen... the blue bucket catches the drips when it rains hard.

And towards the front.

This is a kind of alcove between the kitchen and laundry, where we keep the bikes and stuff.

Laundry dungeon. I hate hate hate this room. Can you believe this used to be the only bathroom in the house? It gives me the creeps.

Oh well. It can only get better!


Suzanne said...

Wow, you've gotten a lot done since last we saw the place!

Kat said...

Hey there.. did you get new sofa's? I don't remember those yellow ones from when we visited...

Betty said...

The description of your day made me so tired, I had to go lie down with a cold cloth on my forehead. The days when I could get that much done in one day are but a distant memory. I do remember the satisfaction I felt after accomplishing that much, though, and wish I still had the stamina for it. Good for you.

waterbob said...

So very proud of what you and the team have accomplished so far. Most important thing is that it is yours and every time you do things you are making progress. You are getting there the same way we eat an elephant - one mouthful at a time.

Saffa Chick said...

Mmm, elephant, now I'm hungry!

Kat, the sofas are the same as before and I don't blame you for wiping them from your mind. I totally hate the yellow and we plan to recover them in rough leather at some point in the distant future. After the kitchen, and new plasma tv, and, and ... *sigh*

Auds at Barking Mad said...

And I thought I had my hands full with the kitchen! Here you are, tackling an entire home. WOW! I'm in awe!

Thanks for coming out of lurkdom to say hi. Hope you will pop in from time to time, as I will here!