Friday, 9 January 2009


I've just been chatting to Mom, and because I was calling from the office and I don't want them to know I'm pregnant yet, she suggested we refer to the baby as "The Bluebottle". (A bluebottle is a small stinging sea jellyfish thing, with blue tendrils)

So we discussed how excited we are about Bluebottle (!), and was Bluebottle making me ill (no), and how far along was Bluebottle (4 weeks), and when was Bluebottle due (late Sept)... I think the name has stuck! I told Milord over lunch and he's not convinced but we shall see ;-).

I'm trying not to post about Bluebottle much, because having been on the other end a few times I know how dull pregnant women can be. It's hard not to though - because I can't. think. of. anything. else! So skip this post if you're not interested...

I feel fine. Totally normal. If I hadn't been watching my cycle like a hawk I probably wouldn't even have noticed my late period yet. Nipples are a little tender, but no more than usual during my cycle. No cravings, no nausea, no nothing.

I've actually lost weight. I shed 1.5kg when I was ill, and another 0.5kg this week as I cut out booze and ate healthily (that's a total of 4lb). I was rather overweight going into Christmas and I'm still well over my good BMI so this is not a problem! I'm not letting myself be hungry and I'm having 3 meals a day with snacks, but it's mostly fruit and salad with a lean cut of meat and I don't fancy sugars or fats. I'm about to switch to decaf coffee, and I've cut my tea consumption in half. Booze is out.

So really I'm just on a detox!

My cold is hanging on but is a smidgen better every day. I have a doctors appointment next week and if I'm still chesty I'll ask her about it. Along with all the other questions I have! I've cut out all my usual vitamin pills except for the folic until I speak to her too, because I'm confused.

Milord is still very reserved on the subject of Bluebottle - I think he's just terrified of getting too attached in case something goes wrong. I understand that, but I also can't do this thing in half measures! I'm pretty sure he's happy though. Perhaps once we have the first scan he'll relax and get excited. I tell you what though: he has this thing about jaywalking in front of traffic and usually drags me in front of speeding buses which I hate... well today on the way back to the office after lunch there was a gap in the traffic that he usually would have walked us into - and he held back until we got a green man. Hmm.

Funnily enough I'm not scared anymore. Before I got pregnant the idea terrified me, but now that it has happened I am totally sanguine. Whatever happens, I will deal with it. It's what I want, and I'm very happy!

Apart, perhaps, for the fact that I have to cut out a lot of my favourite foods for a while. Goodbye oysters, pate, rare steak, poached eggs, smelly cheese, prawns, carpaccio, mayonnaise, mussels, tuna... and wine, gin and vodka. See you in 8 months!

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Suzanne said...

Awww, that's a cute nickname!

Your doc is probably going to give you an all clear on most of your vitamin regime, maybe add some iron, as many women need much more during pregnancy.

Bummer on the foods you can't have, but hey, I'll tell you it is definitely worth it in the end. Just make sure Milord has a meal of all those things waiting for you when you arrive home from the hospital with baby Bluebottle.