Monday, 27 May 2013

No News

But a couple of cute photos!

Sunday, 19 May 2013


This little lady is now my goddaughter! I am so honoured to be asked to mentor her through life.


When Princess was very little I was so good about documenting her milestones - words, eating, mobility etc. Not so much with King... oops!

Anyway, at 20.5 months King is a lovely little bloke. He walks well and is probably close to running. He adores his sister and is obsessively attached to his Mummy. Daddy and Granny get lots of affection too, but King is definitely a Mummy's boy right now! He is mad about cars and trains and balls, and not bothered about books at all yet.

King loves to eat, although he's a bit picky about what. At daycare they despair of getting him to eat their food, and I have resorted to packing a container of his favourite snacks to keep him going! Luckily King always has a very good dinner at home, so he isn't wasting away any time soon.

King is a lot slower than Princess was to speak. Of course she was an early talker, so this isn't a problem! In the last couple of weeks King's vocabulary has come along hugely though, and I think we are close to having 2 chatterboxes in the house...

Kah = Car, train, truck
Ball = Ball, Balloon, anything round
Boh = Boo
Boo = Book
Bah = Bath
Huwoh = Hello
BaaAaah = Byeee
Moh = More
Teh = Teddy, any soft toy

Bizarrely, for ages now King has used the following multi-syllable statements correctly:
There You Are!
Where'd It Go?

Saturday, 4 May 2013


So, my Mom has been living with us for 5 months in our little 2 bedroom house. That's got to be most people's idea of hell, right?

Actually, we are all rubbing along very nicely. Mom has taken over dishes and laundry and helps out enormously with the kids, who adore her. Milord gets slightly twitchy sometimes, but if he was at work all day instead of underfoot I think he'd be fine.

With me having to go back to work suddenly, Mom has been a real trouper and volunteered to mind one child every workday and do the daycare dropoff and pickup for the other one (we think they are too little to be in daycare every day of the week).

Sharing a room with the kids is probably the hardest part, as they seem to be continually taking turns at having a cold and coughing all night. A bit of a shock to the system after 10 years living alone!

On the days that both kids are in daycare Mom and I go exploring Sydney or hiking. It is great fun to have someone to play with!

A few weeks back Mom bought a little old campervan (a very basic converted panel van). She has cleaned it up and it is now very comfy. About once a month Mom heads off for a week to explore. I am very jealous!

Right now Mom is housesitting for friends of mine who are away for 2 weeks. She's loving the solitude, but is still close enough to pop in or babysit. She's loving it, and will be looking into professional housesitting as well as part time work for when she's in town and the kids are in daycare.

I am very lucky that I get on so well with my Mom, and that she gets on with everyone else! It's brilliant.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Squint Surgery Take 2 - One Month Later

I just don't feel like blogging. It is now nearly 3 months after Milord walked out on his job, and we are still unemployed.

It is grinding me down and I am just so tired. I hate job hunting. My house is too small to have Milord home all the time. My kids are both testing their boundaries and my fuse is far shorter than it should be. I just put the little buggers to bed and then had to go lie down and cry.

*wah* Pity party for one...

In the only good news I have though: Princess' eyes are still straight! Woohoo!

It is exactly one month since her surgery, and so far her brain is still using both eyes at the same time correctly. God I hope they stay ok.

PS. Oh yes, more good news: Princess had a full cardiac checkup the other day and her heart is perfect. No murmur or anything ;-)