Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mirena IUD Fail

Back in October I had the Mirena IUD inserted. It protects you from pregnancy for 5 years, and in many women your periods practically disappear. Awesome.

Well, it just wasn't working for me. I had heavy bleeding followed by constant spotting followed by bleeding and spotting and spotting and bleeding for 3 months. In January it started getting less and lighter, but I was still icky for 3 weeks out of 4. Plus Milord can feel the "string" and doesn't like it.

Today I had the Mirena removed and an Implanon (a rod of hormone) inserted under the skin of my arm. I've used Implanon before and loved it - the only reasons I went with Mirena this time is because Implanon only lasts 3 years vs Mirena's 5, and because removing it leaves slight scarring.

My GP says the Mirena seemed very low in my uterus and maybe it was being ineffective, causing spotting and probably not preventing pregnancy! Luckily (hah) what with all the ick, and us being so damn tired with 2 sick kids, there's not much danger of me being preggers...

I'm looking forward to the spotting going away for a few years soon. After all the time I spent on Depo, then Implanon, then pregnant twice, I find having to bleed every month most disconcerting!

I thought I'd write this TMI post for those women out there going through the same thing. These devices affect every one of us differently though - a friend went on Implanon after talking to me and gained 10kg! She's got her munchies under control now, but it was a struggle. I don't react to Implanon the same way, but I think it's because I have constant munchies anyway - I also didn't gain any unusual weight with Mirena except for a couple of Christmas kilos which are gone now.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

King's Christening

A bit tired over here. Both kids and Milord have had colds forever and cough and grumble and snore through the night... *sigh*

King's Christening was on the day after my birthday. While I'm not religious, Milord sort of is, so we've had both kids baptised in the Presbyterian church.

Princess thinks any sort of music and singing is an invitation to sing and dance continuously from that moment on.

The godparents.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

40 - Part 2

I can't sleep, so might as well continue...

A friend's girlfriend is a caterer and they have a 12-seater dining table, and they offered to host a dinner party for my birthday. It was interesting to have to narrow my friends down to 8 invitees (excluding ourselves and the hosts)! Apart from the guest list I had no input into the planning so there was an element of surprise.

I managed to squeeze into a glamorous gown, and had a fabulous evening.

Milord hired a waiter for the night, and we arrived to mingle with canapes and champagne. The starter was a Stilton souffle with fig salad, and then Milord played a PowerPoint presentation he'd put together from photos of me that he'd got from my parents and my old photo albums. My parents (and my aunties and uncle - hi!) sent through video greetings, and it was very funny and touching.

The main was a divine duck confit, and the dessert was an espresso creme brulee that people are still talking about! Our friend also made chocolate truffles to go with coffee but I was too full to do them justice.

What a great evening. I managed to talk to everyone, the food and wine were amazing, the service was super, and I think everyone had a good time. We were home by midnight to relieve the babysitter which is very civilised!

A wonderful start to my 5th decade!

Ok, 3am, I'll try to go back to bed. Next post - King's Christening on the day after my birthday.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Ok, this is a week late. I have been busy. And tired. And my Dad is in a bad way...

Anyhoo, I turned 40 last Saturday and it was fabulous! My 2 oldest friends, who I met in South Africa at 17 while attending Art College, now live in Australia and flew in from Perth and Brisbane on the Friday.

We rented a flat down the road with a view of the Sydney skyline. In the evening a lady masseuse gave us each massages and we ate Turkish takeaway.

On Saturday, my birthday, I woke at 7am. For me this is a lie in! I had a coffee watching the sun come up over Sydney, and at 9:30 we met Milord and the kids at the train station. Princess loved being on a train! Until she got bored, anyway.

Then we took a ferry ride around the harbour. Princess loved being on a boat! Until she got bored, anyway.

Then we walked around to a restaurant with a view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge for brunch.

It was awesome. Princess went right past her naptime but was pretty good about it. Then train home for naptime...

To be Continued!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fashion Show

It is a chilly wet day, Milord has the car (with the pram in the boot), and both kids have colds. How shall we amuse ourselves? How about playing dress-up?!

A few days ago we all went to a Christening and I put Princess in a dress for the first time since she began crawling (because she doesn't walk much and crawling gets her tangled in dresses). I put leggings on under her dress so that after the service when she wanted to play on the floor I could just tuck the skirt into it!

Princess was intrigued by her collection of unworn dresses (mostly hand-me-downs) and today asked to wear one, so I thought we could try on a few! I set up a mirror in the living room and brought out all the dresses.

I got her to stand up in front of the mirror. She's a bit wobbly but it's great that she can stand on her own now!

We started with a fairy dress on over her shirt and pants.

Then she tried on the dress and pretty new shoes I intend for her to wear to King's Christening on Sunday.

Then a Dora dress, which is rather short and can probably be worn as a long top over trousers.

And a red dress.

Then a long pink dress which she had a go at walking around in. This is Princess' walking style - all elbows! She has her eyes on the prize - a jellybean. The dress was too long for walking practice though - when she fell over she couldn't get up without standing on it, which made her fall again.

Then back into comfy top and pants for a turn in King's bouncer!

After a rest Princess did more walking with me. I set up waystations of low tables between the front and back of the house, and slowly got her to walk from furniture item (and jellybean) to furniture item (and jellybean) until she managed the whole length of the house. This is quite an achievement as most of the house has hard wooden floors and Princess dislikes walking on hard surfaces. She will usually only walk on the living room mat because it is soft to fall on. I think having tables to stop at along the way gave her confidence, plus the more she falls the more she will realise that it doesn't really hurt too much.

We really hope she'll get the hang of this walking thing by the time she turns 3!

PS. Princess had her first haircut last week. I want to keep her hair this length because any longer and it gets knots, plus this way it is more curly too!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


King is 6 months old yesterday! We celebrated by moving him into his sister's room.

King has been getting easier and easier to put to bed and to resettle lately. Partly because he's getting older maybe, but certainly a gentle application of control crying seems to have done the trick.

Yesterday I shuffled furniture around in Princess' room (now to be know as the Kid's room) and managed to squeeze in 2 cots, a double bed, change table, bookshelf, set of drawers and 2 portable wardrobes. You have to sidle around the double bed to get anywhere but it works!

When I put Princess to bed last night I warned her that King would be sleeping in her room that night ("Ooh yes please!") and that she'd have to be quiet when be brought him in (whispers: "Like this Mummy?!"). When I bought him in an hour after her bedtime she was still awake but did her best to be quiet as I put him down. He grumbled a little and then... they were both asleep! Wow.

Of course King then had the worst night in weeks. I think he has a cold - he was crying and snuffly. We resettled him until midnight when he drank a whole bottle, then resettled him until 5:30am when he drank another bottle and thankfully went back to sleep until 7am when Princess began singing.

Milord and I are a bit shattered, but Princess was really good about sleeping through most of it and going back to sleep when woken. Right now they are having a midday nap together... it's too good to be true!

Hmm, what else? We've tried solids and King hates them so far - I don't think he's ready. The look of horror and the shudder before he spits it out is extremely comical! He did do a serious nom on a teething rusk yesterday, but when it started flaking he spat the bits out. Fair enough - he's thriving on milk right now so there is no rush. I am happy to skip the gloopy stage and wait for him to pick up food.

Milord and I have our room back! We can access a whole new set of cupboards! It's awesome.

I've been slack with pics, but here are a couple:

Princess and King watching something on "her" laptop. King is too little to argue about what they're going to see. Yet.

And this is how we find King quite often. Poor little mite!