Thursday, 28 November 2002

Old News - Newsletter

I had a superb 3 weeks holiday in SA, and saw every friend and family member possible! Anyone who knows the size of my family will realise that this left me with very little time over, but I managed one day on the beach and a bit of shopping, as well some generous poolside time. And I think I was able to spoil just about everyone, which was nice ;-).

I got home to find Northerner waiting for me in arrivals with a big bunch of roses, and he's been showering me with attention since! Very nice to come home to.

It was also lovely to get back to my little house, although there seems to be a slow leak inside my washing machine and the kitchen was flooded... Not good when you have fake wood flooring - it doesn't look quite as good as before! It's stopped squelching now, so all is well.

I am almost back into my routine now. I went to gym today for the first time in a month, and I am SO unfit! I have managed to gain 2kg in the last 3 weeks, but with a little effort I should knock it back off quickly. Considering the vast amount of red meat, avocados and wine I consumed, I'm not surprised!