Monday, 19 January 2009

Bluebottle Update

Been a bit busy lately... Things are all go in the Saffa household:
- Mom arrives in under 2 weeks so we are frantically trying to get the spare room ready.
- We've kicked off the next round of renovations so that we'll have finished the extension and back yard before winter (Bluebottle should be born in early spring - mid Sept).

This week we are:
1. Getting the security/mosquito screens fitted to the front door and bedroom windows.
2. Installing a loft ladder into the roof so that we can move boxes up there.
3. Meeting with a kitchen designer. Woohoo!
4. Hopefully submitting the Development Application for the extension.
5. Getting our bedroom windows measured for plantation shutters.
6. Arranging a mortgage increase of over $50000. With the recent rate cuts this is not a big deal, luckily!

Next weekend we have asked some friends to come and help us move stuff into the roof, and we also need to put up towel rails, soap dish, loo roll holder, mirror etc in the bathroom.

This is all distracting us from being pregnant, which is probably a good thing ;-)

Week: 6

Since last week I have chosen an obstetrician and a hospital (eenie meenie... it's a bit random really!). Next week I'll get my blood results and get a referral for a dating scan, which I will have while Mom is with me - yay.

No change in my measurements from last week, so I won't assault you with my blubbery photos...

How do I feel: Fine, except I'm beginning to get weary. My bedtimes are getting earlier and on the weekend I'm inclined to have an afternoon nap. I also can't let myself get hungry because I totally crash when that happens... I've taken to carrying a handful of small snack bars in my handbag. My appetite is normal though.

Cravings?: I dreamed about a cold fruity glass of white wine last night... then again I also dreamed about Brad Pitt - is that a craving?

How does Milord feel: He has come to terms with it now and he seems very happy. He's started telling his friends and I think being able to talk about it with them is helping him feel excited. He's being very solicitous so far too, which is a pleasant surprise. (I was a little concerned he was going to be all "get over it" but he's taking my weariness and constant snacking very well!)

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: You shouldn't wear underwire bras from mid pregnancy until after you're done breastfeeding. They can cause blocked milk ducts which is a major owie. (I've just bought 2 new underwire bras, dang)

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: Leftover rice is bad, especially if you reheat it. It absorbs all the bacteria in the fridge and will make you sick. (My doctor's handout didn't say anything about rice so I'm thinking this is bollocks)


waterbob said...

Hey Chick, we're excited about the progress and the story unfolding. Why on earth would one keep rice. it is so cheap and easy and it does go off quickly. We were served some that had been kept in the restaurant fridge for three days and it was vrot. Sour, smelly and ruined the rest of the meal. Never went back and badmouthed them whenever I could. But that's another story.

Saffa Chick said...

Yeah, and I don't even particularly like rice - just thought it was an odd thing to be banned during pregnancy! How do China and India cope then? Just fine by the look of it!