Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Canberra Cultural: Kids, Creatures and 100 Harlequins Festival

Last Saturday I took Princess to the Canberra "Kids, Creatures and 100 Harlequins" festival, in a park about as central as you can get in the city. It was awesome!

We got there about an hour after things began and the place was heaving. I let Princess set the pace and she:
  • Went on the jumping castle twice. It was a lovely big castle, with a lady managing the kids and sending them all off every 5 minutes so that other kids could get on.
  • Went into a huge dark tent for an Aboriginal "Creation Story" play/puppet show/something. Princess found it too dark, loud, slow and creepy though, so we left after 15 minutes.
  • Went into another tent where they were doing a sort of panto play about water and a frog (you had to be there) which Princess enjoyed.
  • Watched a Punch and Judy show.
  • Had her face painted.
  • Got made a balloon poodle.
  • Had her first slushie and shared a cheeseburger and chips with me.
  • Watched a brilliant circus act about the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Joined in a drumming circle.
  • Danced to a band.
  • Decorated a money box
  • Goggled at clowns, walking flower people and a talking tree.

There were more story tellers and craft tents and performers that we didn't quite get to, and a rather odd monster-giving-birth-to-monsters final interactive scene which we didn't understand but that looked like fun.

We stayed until the very end, and Princess' only meltdown came when I couldn't quite remember how to get back to the car and she was hungry and tired. Finally a nice man pointed me in the right direction, we bought a huge chocolate cookie, and I carried Princess and her cookie the final 200 feet to the carpark and she watched Peppa Pig all the way home in time for dinner.

What a day! She had a blast and I enjoyed spending the day with her. 4 is a lovely age.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Almost Halloween!

2 weeks until Milord starts his new job. 5 weeks until his first paycheck...

It will be Halloween in a few days. Until now it hasn't really featured on my radar except to make sure I have a bag of sweets handy for any trick-or-treaters who might come by.

But, now Princess is 4 and she is old enough to "get it". She is very excited and counting the sleeps until she can go trick-or-treating dressed as a fairy princess.

Yesterday I made my first Halloween pumpkin ever! It was quite tricky - the pumpkin was much harder to cut than I expected. Mom and Princess watched me scoop the innards out with my fingers and declined to have a go. "Go on - it's cool and wet and slimy!"

I cut a friendly face on one side and a scarey face on the other.

I managed to find LED candles at the bargain shop, so Princess and King were able to play with the pumpkin and the candles safely. Princess insisted on having the pumpkin in her room going to sleep - although we made sure the friendly face was facing outward!

I am very chuffed with myself!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

StepMom's Visit

A week or so ago my StepMom came to us for a week for a visit. She had been in Australia for a couple of months visiting an old friend, and made a huge effort to come and see us too! She is now back home in South Africa loving her own space again...

StepMom bonded brilliantly with the kids and Milord. She is an awesome Granny ;-)

I couldn't take any leave but StepMom managed to come to us over a long weekend so I was able to spend 3 days with her. While I was working she and Milord took the kids out to see the sights and to walk around the lake. On the weekend we all went to nearby lake with a "beach" where you can feed the ducks and paddle.

My kids are so lucky to have 2 brilliant Grannies!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Milord has a Job!

It is going to be a very good weekend ;-)