Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I've also been trying not to bombard you with pregnancy news but there's not much else going on. The result is that I'm not posting anything - so the hell with that!

I've always had an overactive sense of smell. Well, I assume so, but I only really became aware of it when I quit smoking for good (10 years ago this month woot!). Suddenly I could smell things other people couldn't, and this is not always a good thing... I walk in the front door going "Pew, I have to take the rubbish out" while Milord can't smell a thing until the bin is a foot away and open.

Pregnancy enhances a girl's sense of smell. I gave this a bit of thought and I presume it's so that we have an early warning system around food that is on the turn... I can't think of any other good reason!

So now as well as my usually over-the-top sense of smell I have pregnancy enhanced smelling powers. It's a curse. I can smell a cigarette over a block away. Someone near me in the gym today had garlic 2 nights ago. Visiting a doggy house is suffocating. I have to cross the street to get past "Mr Chao's BBQ Takeaway" (deep fried everything) on my way home and don't get me started on the fishmonger.

Of course nice smells are also enhanced. Chocolate is fabulous. Milord's occasional glass of red wine is a fruit bouquet sensation. And the freshly showered, sun-warmed young man who sat next to me on the bus yesterday was positively intoxicating... if they could bottle that they'd make millions!


Suzanne said...

Hang in there, that IS a rough part of early pregnancy!

Laura said...

Ok so, shhhhh... I'm burying this comment on this old post, but you know how I posted recently about my "health issue"? It was a pregnancy.

And oh my God. The smells. Actually what tipped me off to the fact that I was pregnant was that I could tell when someone in my office was making coffee, before they even turned the machine on, because I could smell it through a wall and around the corner from the kitchen. Weird how that happens, eh?