Friday, 27 February 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 11 and 5 days

This is just a very fast post... I am at Dad's in Cape Town, and I fly home tomorrow.

I feel fine, I'm eating a little meat but it doesn't really thrill me. Except biltong (dried salted meat) - that I can eat loads of! Yummmm. I'm still constantly tired - that plus the jetlag completely flattened me for the first few days!

I can't take my weight or measurements here but I think my bump has "popped" and it is now showing. That happened a day before Heidi's wedding which I was not thrilled about, as the dress couldn't hide it very well. Everyone tells me to stick it out and be proud, but I'm not in that headspace yet.

I'll post the rest of my holiday when I get home... probably from work! Oh I am not looking forward to going back to work...

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hols 3

I still have a week of holiday to go, but Milord is back at work. Today I fly to South Africa and Mom flies to Brisbane to join her friend for a week before heading home.

While I think about it - Milord spoiled me rotten on Valentines Day! It's not usually his sort of thing and we'd been busy so I didn't get around to picking up a card for him, assuming that he wouldn't get anything for me. Well, on Valentines Day morning he surprised me with not only a card, but also a huge bunch of flowers hidden in his closet! What a lovely gesture - I felt really bad for not making an effort myself... and then he cooked us a fabulous fish pie for dinner.

It has been raining steadily for most of the past week. We've been shopping, watched movies and visited a museum. Many books have been read and I may have snuck in the occasional afternoon nap. It's been very restful, and although I would have preferred sunny weather for Mom's visit we've still had a nice time.

Of course today the weather is hot and sunny, while we pack our bags and get ready to go to the airport!

I am not looking forward to my flight. Getting to Cape Town from Sydney takes 20 hours at the best of times, but now Singapore Airlines has changed the route and we're stopping in Johannesburg too so now my journey is more than 24 hours! Alone. Sober. Unable to take sleeping pills. aaargh. My appetite seems to be improving at last, but I have packed a few muesli bars just in case I can't eat the airline food.

I wonder if I will be able to find a massage in Singapore airport during my transfer? That would be nice.

The reason I'm off to South Africa is to go to my old friend Heidi's wedding. She is marrying her Kiwi baby-daddy at last and she sounds so happy. They live in Auckland but because Heidi is a saffa chick too they are marrying in her home country - on a wine estate. It should be stunning - she tells me she has lost her baby weight and more! Beeyotch.

I am hovering just over 70kg myself. While this is far from thin (it's 2kg over my own wedding weight) at least it means I can comfortably fit into my sexy red dress! My baby bump is still hidden deep within my hippage so I don't have to worry about it yet.

One advantage of generous hips, eh?

Bluebottle Update

Week: 10 and 4 days

My measurements are the same as last week. I'm still not showing at all, which is fine by me!

How do I feel: I still get very tired every afternoon, but it seems to be getting better.

Cravings?: My appetite is coming back! I am eating a bit of meat again, and Mom and Milord are very relieved. I will now have to watch my intake to stop from blimping out!

How does Milord feel: He's counting down to 12 weeks.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: None this week...

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: Can't think of any.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 9

I met my obstetrician this week. I chose a man, because he was recommended by my GP and because the woman Ob/Gyn I tried to get in with was too busy! He seems nice enough.

Since last week I have lost 1kg and lost 1cm off my hips. I guess that goes to show how much I graze while I am at work! I'm still over a healthy BMI so I don't mind.

How do I feel: Tired. I am so tired of feeling tired ;-)

Cravings?: I still can't face meat. Even the smell of it cooking is wrong. Mom has been turning herself inside out to find things I will eat, but really I'm happiest with cheese on toast! When I do have a decent meal I get Milord and Mom watching me like I'm getting over an eating disorder - it's a bit disconcerting!

How does Milord feel: We are close to 12 weeks so he's beginning to feel confident.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: You shouldn't fly in your first trimester because miscarriage is kinda likely and if you miscarry it will be... awkward and messy? Why this is ok after 12 weeks I don't quite understand.

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: Ummmm. Nothing new this week - anyone else got one?

Hols 2

I'm still on holiday, and this week Milord is on hols with Mom and me too.

Last week was very very hot - up into the 30s every day. Mom was struggling with the change from the English winter so we kept our activities light. She joined us for lunch a few times, but otherwise kept close to the house and attempted to meet the challenge I had set her: to plan and cook meals I might like!

For a few meals I ended up eating the vegetables around meat dishes, but we also had cheese-on-toast and cheese-and-tomato sandwiches! Macaroni cheese was a definite hit. I think the others are sick of cheese, but it's one of the few things I can handle.

On Friday night we went to watch Quantum of Solace at the open-air cinema. We were at the front of the queue at the gate (picnicking on a rug) so were well placed to nab a decent vantage point for the movie. We hired beanbags to lie on and pulled out wine and nibbles (and fruit juice for me). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie - none of us had seen it before. I really like the new Daniel Craig James Bond films. It was a lovely way to spend a warm night. Mom and Milord got through 3 bottles of wine and I drove home!

On the weekend they forecast highs in the mid 30s, but the forecast for the following week was for cool and wet, so Mom and I decided to hit the beaches. Madness to go to the beach in such heat, but we figured we'd just stay in the sea... Actually we were lucky and there was a cool onshore breeze which pushed the temp down to the mid 20s, and we were very comfortable under our beach umbrella. Oddly enough the sea itself was freezing! There must have been an upwelling of cold water from Antarctica.

On Saturday we went to Shelley Beach - a small sheltered beach near Manly - and did a bit of snorkeling. We saw loads of fish, it's not a bad snorkel. After about half an hour I was cold, so we headed back to our towels and watched people all afternoon.

On Sunday we went to Bondi. We wandered into the waves for a swim, and after less than a minute I had to get out - my feet had already gone blue! It was a little too windy for our umbrella and we were worried about sunburn so we packed up and moved on. We had an amble about the Botanical Gardens in central Sydney and ended up sprawled on our picnic blanket under a tree for a couple of hours before heading home.

This week has been much cooler. We've done a bit of shopping and touristy stuff around town. Today we had lunch in Chinatown then explored the Chinese Gardens. It's been a nice chilled-out week.

Milord has been putting together the Development Application for our house extension, and has also finished putting up the towel rails and shelves in the bathroom. It looks fantastic!

Tomorrow we might go to Sydney zoo, or perhaps have a seafood lunch overlooking the sea. Life is hard...

Friday, 6 February 2009


In just under an hour I am on holiday!

I can't wait... Not only am I dying to spend time with Mom but I feel like I need the break. Milord really really needs a break, and he'll be taking a week off with us, and then another short holiday in March to go golfing with his cousins. We're planning beach time and snorkelling and some gentle bushwalking. should be fun.

Tonight we are all meeting after work and going to an open-air movie in a park. Mom is organising nibbles, Milord is getting wine and I'll pick up soft drink. We're going to hire big squishy beanbag-beds and watch the new James Bond - Quantum of Solace - under the stars.

It is a hot day, so the evening should be glorious.

I'll try to post over the next few weeks but it might be sporadic... I'll try to at least keep up with the Bluebottle updates!

Have fun bloggeeees!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tourist Sydney

If any of you out there live in a "Tourist Destination" (London, Cape Town, New York etc) then you will know how blasé you can get about where you live. With the daily grind of work, groceries, cooking and laundry it is easy to forget that you live in one of the world's most desirable locations.

So it's fun to have people visit and to take them around the sights! Mom has been here before but she didn't have time in Sydney. On Saturday we went exploring: we caught a train to Circular Quay (between the Harbour Bridge and Opera House) and walked to an area called The Rocks, which is probably the oldest part of the city. There is an up-market craft market there every weekend, and we amused ourselves browsing through it and bought each other a pair of earrings.

After a soft drink (the Saffa tour of Sydney is a bit different these days - it used to involve bar-hopping the whole way) we went back to Circular Quay and hopped on a ferry, which tootled around the harbour for an hour. Then we caught a bus to Darling Harbour and had a late lunch, then I took her for a stroll along the way I sometimes walk to work. And then we got a bus home and collapsed!

Sunday was a very hot day so we wussed out and slept late, browsed around a shopping centre and watched a movie before having a quiet night in.

Mom's been meeting me for lunch every other day, and wandering around Sydney the rest of the time. Only 2.5 working days left before I am on holiday and can spend time with her properly - I am so tired by the time I get home after work that I'm not very good company.

I'm not convinced I'm good company anyway. Perhaps I am in the throes of the dreaded "pregnancy mood swings"... Mom and Milord keep teasing me about my "moods" - which incidentally is a very good way to make me furious! They also drink stinky wine around me and complain about my picky appetite... so I'm trying to say nothing and keep out of their way, which isn't exactly good hostess behaviour.

Then again I overheard Milord telling Mom that I have been extremely cheerful lately, so perhaps they are just trying to wind me up.

*growl* Leave the pregnant woman alone!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 8

I went for a "dating" scan this morning. Because my cycle is closer to 3 weeks than the usual 4 my Ob wanted me to go for this scan. Turns out I was correct on my guess and I'm still on track for the middle of September. Everything looks good and is progressing as it should. I have the usual scan printouts that look like fuzzy blobs on a fuzzy blobby background...

No change in my measurements from last week again.

How do I feel: Tired. Just constantly knackered.

Cravings?: My appetite is really off. I get hungry but I don't know what for. Fruit and bread is about all I want... and planning meals or cooking for the others is a trial. I also want sweets more than before - maybe my body is just trying to get calories!

How does Milord feel: He's started making cracks about "pregnancy mood swings". Oddly enough these "mood swings" tend to occur when he is drunk and obnoxious. Pfft. Mom tells me he was gushing about how happy he is (after I went to bed and left them drinking wine under the stars) so that's good!

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: Ummm... Well, today I found out that it is only the ovary that releases the egg that gets fertilised that then supplies all the pregnancy hormones. I didn't know that before!

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: The closer to ovulation you have sex the more likely you are to have a boy. Because Y sperms swim faster but die quicker and X sperms swim slower but hang around longer.

So, if I ovulated approximately 24 hours after intercourse (based on a deep ache in my left ovary - which has been proved the relevant ovary), what does that mean? I presume both types of sperm would be in position at that point... how long do Y sperm live? Something tells me I have a 50/50 chance of either sex!