Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

It's 2009, and what a year 2008 turned out to be!

- We got engaged, and we married within 3 months in South Africa overlooking the sunset sea.
- We bought a house in Sydney, half renovated it and moved in.
- I chucked in my job before getting married and found a new one with the Bank when we came home, for more money in a better location.

Those are the big things... and we did them all at once while people told us we were crazy. It wasn't that bad - things are only as stressful as you let them become and I had Milord as my rock and hopefully I was his. Plus, to be honest, nothing in my life has proved as difficult as changing countries, so if I can cope with that I ought to be able to shoulder a bit of wedding/job/house pressure!

In 2009 we hope to build on the foundations we have laid. We will finish the house, we will hopefully start a family, and we may even start up a business we have envisioned... I'll say more about that if it gets off the ground!

So how was your New Years Eve? Luckily we had planned to stay home for a quiet one anyway, because I wasn't over my cold yet. The antibiotics are working like a charm (Milord is doing the smug thing for "dragging" me to the doctor. Hey, I'm just happy to have a man who cares enough to do that!) and I'm a lot better but not 100% yet. I'm still a bit feeble and have a cough, but the pain has gone and I'm sleeping again. I even managed to drink a few glasses of wine! We watched the fireworks on TV (did you see the Sydney fireworks? Wow. Seriously. Wow) and then I went to bed and left Milord playing Xbox until 3am.

Par-tay central. Oh ya.

Today is stunning and neither of us is hungover. Milord is stripping old paint from the spare bedroom window frame and I'm on the spare bed watching. I love work: I can watch it all day! We want to strip, re-paint and re-hang all the the bedroom sash windows, and put up fresh architrave thingies before our security screens arrive. We're also going to try to get white wooden plantation shutters installed before the end of Jan if possible, when Mom arrives for a visit.

We have our Christmas pressie cd's playing: The Killers, Rhianna and Pink. It is a dry 30C, and I have a loaf of white bread baking which we will have with ripe avocado for lunch. I'm on my second vodka and orange and life is good.

May this year bring you what you wish for most. Kat: the career to fulfill you. Suzanne: a job to hold your head above water. Sis: better health. And anyone else dropping by - if you know what you want then I hope it comes to you.

Saffa x


Suzanne said...

Happy New Year! Hey, I got talked into wearing a special color underwear to bring prosperity, so maybe that job is right around the corner!

waterbob said...

Happy New Year to all from one of the remaining saffas in SA. Wonder what colour the prosperity underwear is? I could wear one while handing them out as presents to the less prosperous knocking on the door. A lovely thought.

maleesha said...

Sounds like you had a pretty great year! I made it until midnight last night, but then went straight to bed. No partying for this chick. Happy New Year!