Monday, 2 February 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 8

I went for a "dating" scan this morning. Because my cycle is closer to 3 weeks than the usual 4 my Ob wanted me to go for this scan. Turns out I was correct on my guess and I'm still on track for the middle of September. Everything looks good and is progressing as it should. I have the usual scan printouts that look like fuzzy blobs on a fuzzy blobby background...

No change in my measurements from last week again.

How do I feel: Tired. Just constantly knackered.

Cravings?: My appetite is really off. I get hungry but I don't know what for. Fruit and bread is about all I want... and planning meals or cooking for the others is a trial. I also want sweets more than before - maybe my body is just trying to get calories!

How does Milord feel: He's started making cracks about "pregnancy mood swings". Oddly enough these "mood swings" tend to occur when he is drunk and obnoxious. Pfft. Mom tells me he was gushing about how happy he is (after I went to bed and left them drinking wine under the stars) so that's good!

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: Ummm... Well, today I found out that it is only the ovary that releases the egg that gets fertilised that then supplies all the pregnancy hormones. I didn't know that before!

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: The closer to ovulation you have sex the more likely you are to have a boy. Because Y sperms swim faster but die quicker and X sperms swim slower but hang around longer.

So, if I ovulated approximately 24 hours after intercourse (based on a deep ache in my left ovary - which has been proved the relevant ovary), what does that mean? I presume both types of sperm would be in position at that point... how long do Y sperm live? Something tells me I have a 50/50 chance of either sex!


Suzanne said...

That old wive's tale worked for me-twice!

Sounds like everything is as it should be. :)

Doc Manette said...

I'm enjoying the bluebottle updates and get such a tickle out of your increased sense of smell (I already had that but pregnancy just made in more canine!)

Hope your visit with your mom is going perfect.