Saturday, 29 January 2011

Loose End

I have the house completely to myself...

Milord has taken Princess off to a barbeque and I'm home alone. I've been feeling a bit run down so he's giving me "the afternoon off"! I can't remember the last time I had more than an hour without Princess. It's weird. I keep hearing the neighbourhood kids squawk and look around for her...

...I also keep having to stop myself doing housework!

I've set up the hammock and have a book and a glass of fruit juice waiting beside it.

9 Weeks

Ok, that was a rather rough week!

I've been feeling awful - seriously tired and slightly nauseous, with terrible bloating in the afternoons. Thank heavens I get a nap when Princess naps, but I've spent a lot of time lying on the couch or floor while she is awake. The housework got very neglected with just "lick and promise" cleaning happening... I'm so lucky Milord is on the Lite n Easy meals so I don't have to worry about feeding him.

A couple of days ago I started feeling a lot better, although I still need a nap during the day. The house is clean with fresh towels and linen, and I'm caught up on laundry. Princess has a mummy who actually plays with her and takes her out to the park and the pool again!

I have an appetite back, but meat and veg and salad taste wrong (metallic and/or cardboardy) so I'm living on fruit, bread, pasta and cheese. I'm taking an iron supplement on top of my usual preggy vitamins to make up for the lack of meat and greens, so I should be ok. With Princess my tastebuds came back at 12 weeks and I expect that to happen again this time.

This pregnancy is almost exactly the same as Princess'. My Mom says this could mean I'm having another girl, but who knows? I don't believe the Old Wives Tales.

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 9 weeks: 72kg
Loss/Gain since last week: -1kg
Total Loss/Gain: -2.5kg

I expect to drop to 71kg within a couple of weeks, and then to stay there until approximately 20 weeks when I'll begin gaining serious bumpness. That's what happened with Princess, anyway.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Teething Pause...

Just thought you'd like to know that Princess is doing ok - we are now 3 days without pain. Her teeth haven't erupted yet, but maybe they were shuffling the others around to make space which was causing issues.

It is so nice to hear Princess wake up chatting to her dollies instead of with pained whimpering! Any whining or screaming is of the usual toddler "I want!" variety, which I can handle.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

8 Weeks

We went for an Early Pregnancy scan this morning, and it's all looking good!

I was so relieved to see the little flickering heartbeat inside the jellybean that tears began streaming down my face in the dark room. It's been a very hard few weeks, but now I can perhaps start looking forward to my new baby... whose due date is Princess' birthday! eep.

We've nicknamed the jellybean "Xena (Warrior Princess)", as it's the silliest female superhero name we can think of! If Xena turns out to be a boy we'll come up with something else.

We're not telling anyone yet except my folks (because I just have to share!!!). Milord says he's not going to tell anyone until my third trimester... yeah right! I imagine we'll do the traditional 12 weeks.

I'm feeling very "8 weeks" pregnant. I am exhausted and food tastes funny - last night my Lite 'n Easy dinner got rejected in favour of tea and toast! Milord said his was fine so it's probably just me - I may have to stop ordering them. I get the odd wave of bleaurgh, but that generally means I'm hungry or thirsty, if I can convince myself to ignore the nausea and eat something it goes away.

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 8 weeks: 73kg
Loss/Gain since last week: -0.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: -1.5kg

Ok, I'm off for a lie-down while Princess naps. Thank the gods for naptime!

January Detox

Our January detox is going well. I'm nearly 3 weeks off the booze and Milord is just over 2 weeks. He's doing Lite 'n Easy for all meals and I'm joining him for the dinners, because I'm not going to cook just for me! I'm pretty good at eating light during the day anyway, so it's good to have portion control at night.

Milord has lost 2kg and I've lost 1.5kg. Not bad going! I am now 73kg, the lightest I've been since I was breastfeeding in Sept 2009(and run too ragged to feed myself).

The Lite 'n Easy meals are actually pretty good. There have been a few items that we'll try to swap out in future orders, but we've not totally turned our noses up at anything! The best part has to be that no lunch or dinner repeats for several weeks.

Milord has even reduced his amounts, as he wasn't getting through all his food! (He was on the top calorific option, with 3 meals, 2 light snacks and 1 large snack per day. Now he's just on 3 meals and 2 light snacks.) He's being very good and has dropped his daily couple of full-cream cappuccinos for black coffees, which also helps.

I'm now at the annoying point where my fat clothes are too loose and the trousers fall down, but my normal clothes give me a hideous muffin top. I ought to be exercising too, but it's been really hot and sticky lately (and I'm lazy)! I will though, as I'm jolly flabby, especially around the middle. My mummy-tummy needs some serious attention!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Teething Hell


Poor Princess is about to cut her canines, and they're giving her serious trouble. She wakes screaming from every sleep and it's taking double the painkillers to help her cope. (I try to avoid meds, but when my usually cheerful baby is weeping and clinging and unable to eat I'll do anything!) It's been nearly 2 weeks now - she has the occasional couple of days where she seems fine and I breathe a sigh of relief, but the next day the screaming and gnawing start again. It's very draining (she won't even go to Milord in this state) and I'll admit to putting Princess to bed extremely early a couple of times because I was about to lose it... at which point she conked out and slept like a log so maybe I can praise my mommy-instincts? No? Hmm.


When the teeth ease or the painkillers work Princess goes back to her normal cheerful chatty inquisitive self. She's begun crawling on hands and knees on the living room mat, although it looks like it takes extreme concentration to coordinate everything and she reminds me a lot of a chameleon hesitating along a branch! When she reaches the slippery wood floor or wants to go fast she still drops to her belly to push along. Princess has also got the hang of a very sturdy squat-sit, and can reach a lot higher than before...

Words (surprisingly clear most of the time):
Seeds (what I call the raisin seed mix Princess snacks on)
Mama (sometimes Mum-mi)

Princess understands a lot more than she can vocalise, and when we do the "Where's the horse/flower/sheep/butterfly etc" game she gets it right 9 times out of ten. She's constantly pointing at things to learn what they're called, which is awesome but does my head in eventually... How many times must I say "Nose. Chin. Eye. Nose. Mouth. Nose." as a small finger pokes my face?

Of course Princess is testing her boundaries too. Food gets deliberately dropped on the floor while she looks me in the eye. She hits me in the face and bats food from my hands when I'm trying to feed her. She tried to bite me this week - but stopped at the last moment which was lucky for her as she would have got shouted at for the first time! On the whole I ignore the bad behavior and it soon stops when she doesn't get my attention. I've surprised myself with the extent of my patience, and I hope I can keep it up!

I've been told that babies don't understand negatives like "Don't do x", so I've started saying things like "No, yucky!" instead of "Don't eat that!" and it seems to work better... sometimes.


And naturally even when I am at the end of my tether just one cuddle makes it all ok again. Princess' evening lullaby ends in "...dreams come truuuuuue" and she often echoes "ooooooo" which makes me melt.

Wish us speedy tooth eruptions and a long gap before the next lot!

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Years Resolutions?

I've never been much of a one for New Years Resolutions. My goal for this year is simply to carry a perfect baby to term, and that depends more on luck than anything else!

Milord has decided that he has to do something drastic about his weight - he put on weight in sympathy when I was pregnant with Princess and has had as much success as I have in losing it! He does plenty of exercise - he cycles to and from work and swims laps a couple of times per week - so it comes down to food. And booze.

We don't eat much junk but we do have trouble with portion control, especially if I knock up a stunning roast. That which should feed us twice disappears into Milord's second and third helpings...

So we're signing up for Lite 'n Easy - one of those weightloss programs where they send you all your meals and snacks for every day of the week, prepackaged and/or frozen. Milord is doing 3 meals a day and I'm doing breakfast and dinner, party in solidarity and partly because I'm not going to cook just for me while defrosting his meal! I'm leaving lunches flexible.

I think where we'll struggle is not hunger, as there seems to be plenty of food in the plan, but in quality. We are used to meals made with the freshest meat, salad and veg, and on the plan every dinner is pre-cooked and frozen with frozen veg on the side. I can't remember the last time I had a completely frozen meal (excluding pies and pizza perhaps).

I gave up booze on Jan 1st as a January detox, and now that the partying is over Milord has joined me. He says he won't be drinking again until he's lost 15kg. I've heard this before but I'll support him in whatever happens! If he sticks to it he could lose 1kg per week easily.

I'd definitely like to get to 70kg, which is my pre-Princess weight. Ideally I'd like to see 67kg on the scale, which is the weight I was when I moved to Australia. And in my dreams I'd love to get to 65kg, which is a very healthy BMI! We shall see.

I've lost 1kg since the start of the month, and am now 73.5kg. 3.5kg to go to my main goal!

Almost 7 Weeks

So, here I am almost 7 weeks pregnant.


I'm having so much trouble getting invested in this pregnancy. I'm doing all the right things of course - no forbidden foods or alcohol and all the right vitamins etc - I just can't let myself be happy about it because I'm too scared I'll miscarry again.

I have made a doctors appointment for 2 days time, and I'll ask her for a referral for a scan so that we can check that this baby is ok. I desperately need to see that galloping heartbeat!

I still "feel pregnant". I'm needing a nap in the afternoon, my appetite is all over the place and my boobs are definitely a bit fuller.

I suppose I should start recording some stats...

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 7 weeks: 73.5kg
Loss/Gain: -1kg

Ooooh. I've just found out that another one of the women in my Mother's Group is miscarrying... That makes 3 of us out of 11. Oh that makes me feel even worse!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Who Needs a Trampoline?

Princess loves clambering on us and bouncing on our bellies! Especially Milord's belly for some reason - can't imagine why!


And for an added Princess Fix, here she is supervising me in the kitchen... I've been bugging Milord to make me a barrier into the kitchen area, but as long as we are careful where we step it's been ok so far. Once Princess figures out cupboards I'll have to install safety catches though.

Monday, 3 January 2011

A Teetotal New Year

Well, my secret-pregnancy fake-boozing on New Years Eve went well!

I was drinking gin and tonic (sans gin), which Milord was under strict instruction to keep topped up as our mates are a bit good at refreshing your glass once it is empty. That's the reason I couldn't fake drinking wine by substituting apple juice - when a bottle of wine is open we all share, and if your glass is low it will be topped up without asking. Usually a great system, but not good for fakery!

I said I didn't want to mix my drinks so stuck to "gin and tonic" all night. Once or twice I accepted a special glass of champagne or dessert wine, but after a sip or two Milord swapped his empty glass for mine and no one noticed. At midnight I endured the drunken hugs and well wishes and then snuck off to bed.

What stone cold sober at midnight looks like...

On New Years Day I announced I was starting a January detox, which I've done for the past couple of years so it wasn't suspicious. Everyone else was so ill they weren't really surprised at my "detox", and Milord had fun pretending to tempt me with wine!

A couple of times I got cornered into eating smelly cheese or bit of pate, but I just had a little and then moved away.

The hard part was putting up with the bollocks people spout when they've had a few! Our companions are Milord's friends, and while I get along with them they can be hard work usually - never mind when I'm completely sober! I went to bed very early once I was "on my detox" and read my book rather than put up with it... nobody seemed to mind so that's ok.

Regarding the pregnancy itself, I think it's ok. I haven't bled in over a week, and actually Milord reminded me that we'd had sex shortly before the bleeding which is a common cause in early pregnancy, so that eases my mind. My boobs have started feeling heavy with the occasional stabbing pain (this is what happened last time) and I am generally a little weary with a suppressed appetite, so I'm "feeling pregnant".

I won't be completely on-board with this pregnancy until I see the baby's heartbeat, but I have a good feeling about it.

Happy New Year!

A bit belated - we've been away for a few days. A friend is housesitting her brother's massive property including horses and chickens, and ourselves and 2 other couples with babies joined them over New Years.

It was very relaxed with lots of food and drink and at least one rugrat underfoot at any one time. The weather was perfect and the pool warm but cool enough to be refreshing.

A very pleasant start to the year!

We are home and it is raining and cool and Princess is enjoying being in her own bed again...