Monday, 12 January 2009

Bluebottle Update

My closest friend in Oz was overseas for the holidays and I was eagerly anticipating her return to tell her my news (she's at 16 weeks herself and was hoping I'd join the club). Instead she found out via a friend who reads my blog and sent her over here... hmmm. I suppose that is the downside of a "public" announcement. Ok, I'll make a deal with you, my loyal readers: if you tell folk I'm preggers then you also have to tell them if something goes wrong. From my research that seems to to be the main reason people don't tell during the first 12 weeks - having to deal with the "How's the baby?" questions if you lose it. Milord isn't telling anybody yet, and apart from a select few (and you) I'm not telling either. I'm pretending to do a January detox!

Having said that though, friends of Milord's picked him to be among the select few to know that they were expecting within the first few weeks. They lost the mite right on 12 weeks just before a visit to Sydney, and when he assured them that he'd told nobody they said "Uh.... can you rectify that?" because they wanted sympathy not "How's the baby making going?" stuff.

I got a telling off from my friend for posting intimate things on the web. "What if Milord reads it - and how can you say those things about your ex?!" This baffled me. I can't think of anything too outrageous that I've written here about my exes... Guys, my DAD reads my blog! And I always bear in mind that although Milord doesn't read my blog, he could someday. How bad am I going to be?

It's my blog. This is what blogs are. Honest, intimate thoughts - we wouldn't write them otherwise and we sure wouldn't read them. I keep mine anonymous to hopefully prevent anyone googling themselves (or me) from finding it, but if I've invited you to read it or if you stumble on me and decide to stay, that's ok. The day I get trolls that may change, but my posts don't tend to attract the trolls. Yet.

If you don't like it DON'T READ IT. Ok. Rant over...

I went to see my doctor this morning. She knew I was trying for babies so she's thrilled. Now I have to find a gynae and choose a hospital and stuff... I gave several vials of blood to pathology for various tests, and in a couple of weeks I'll go back to check the results and get a referral to my chosen gynae. All very low-key for now. My doc reckons I should be ok in spite of the meds I was on over xmas, but I do have to find a different hayfever medication.

Week: 5

Weight: 71.5kg
Boobs: 98cm
Ribs: 82cm
Waist: 87cm
Hips: 98cm
Thigh: 58cm


ugh. That's not a baby bump, that's my spare tire! ew

How do I feel: Fine. Perfectly normal. No symptoms except a missing period. I was sleeping badly but I think that was the detox because now I sleep like the dead.

Cravings?: A glass of wine in a hot bath....

How does Milord feel: It isn't real for him yet, although he's starting to treat me like something delicate. He barks at me if I lift heavy things and doesn't drag me in front of buses anymore. He's hasn't quite gone teetotal with me but he has cut back enormously so the snoring has stopped - yay.

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Suzanne said...

Awww! You know, that spare tire you speak of is more you nitpicking than a real one! :)

I'll be sure to assist if needed, but considering that I don't know any of your relations IRL, that's going to be a mite bit difficult!

Come on by my place, I've given you an award!