Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bluebottle Update

No, there is not much else going on with me! I could tell you about the renovations and cleaning at Chez Saffa, or how much being sober at certain gatherings totally sucks, or how it got to 43C on the long weekend (109.4F) and how we are now discussing getting an air conditioner...

But you really just want to know about the baby, don't you?

Oh okaaaay then.

The house is looking pretty good. We had the loft ladder put in last week and on Saturday, the hottest day in three years, Milord and a couple of friends carried dozens of boxes of stuff into the roof while I tidied and cleaned - I'm not allowed any heavy lifting*! The spare room now looks like a bedroom. I'll take a photo shortly...

We went to a barbeque with Milord's friends on Sunday evening after a day of DIY etc. That particular gang knows I'm up the duff so I didn't have to pretend to be detoxing... I'm 7 weeks pregnant and already fed up with being the sober one at parties and the designated driver. 33 weeks to go... oh yeah and then breastfeeding sobriety. *sigh*

I don't miss the grog much (not at all to be honest), it's just that some people are easier to handle with a few snifters under your belt. Milord's friends are ok, but, well, you know... they're his friends not mine.

Monday was "Australia Day", the anniversary of the colonisation of Australia by the British in 1788, when all Aussies celebrate being Aussies by holding barbeques and playing cricket and drinking beer. Well, actually, that's not quite true. The native Aborigines, who call it "Invasion Day", don't much feel like celebrating that anniversary! I see their point.

It was nice to have the day off even though I wasn't too interested in barbies, cricket or beer. I sent Milord off alone to yet another bbq... I don't think he had a huge amount of beer but heavens he reeked of it when he came home. And during the night. And this morning. Curse you, sense of smell!

Week: 7

I got my blood results today - iron etc is good and I don't have Hep B, Hep C, syphilis or HIV (woot). The vaccinations for Rubella and chicken pox must have worked because I have antibodies. I've made an appointment for a "dating" scan for next Monday and then we shall see Bluebottle for the first time!

No change in my measurements from last week again.

How do I feel: Still quite tired. My appetite has gone wonky - I don't really get hungry and it is the rumbling of my tummy that reminds me to eat and then I have a quandry because I don't fancy anything in particular. I've gone right off meat... it doesn't make me gag but I just don't want it. Having a wonky appetite is making it hard to plan meals or cook - I come home and have a couple of apples and then remember I have a husband to feed too. My boobies are starting to get a bit sore and don't even think of tweaking my nipples!

Cravings?: I'm loving fruit, crunchy steamed veggies with a baked potato, nuts and dairy. And I'm thirsty a lot - I'm getting through a lot of water.

How does Milord feel: Happy but nervous. He rang me before I was even out of the doctor's office to check if things were ok. He is absolutely terrified of something going wrong with the pregnancy or the baby, but I'm not letting him talk to me about that kind of thing. He can talk to someone else about that stuff, my baby is going to be perfect!

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: Nothing new this week, but not being able to have a hot bath annoys me. Raising your body temp over normal can cause miscarriage... or so they say. If it worked I'll bet there would be a lot fewer unwanted babies in the world! But I'll play it safe of course.

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: *No heavy lifting when you are pregnant. As much as I'm loving not having to lift stuff I can't find a reputable source for this one. I wonder if it's something men came up with so that they could feel more involved in nurturing their pregnant woman? I know it seems to give Milord a surge of pleasure to do the harder things for me at the moment!

Case in point over here... and totally what I've had running through my head lately. How are you supposed to look after a toddler if you can't lift heavy things?!

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