Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Old News - Newsletter October 2004

Well, first of all I guess it’s time to tell you all that I am single again. Zimbo and I broke up a few weeks ago, but I’ve kept it mostly quiet in the hope we could work things out. I’m pretty gutted, as I really liked him. It was very mutual, and amicable, and we’ve bumped into each other on a club walk since and been friendly, so that’s good. In a nutshell he has never traveled and has no desire to, and I can’t be with someone like that. And he can’t be with someone who is not ready to settle down. Over the time we were together we each got steadily more frustrated, and it was a relief to both of us to separate and stop holding the other back. I’m hurting, but I’m sure it’s the right thing to do.

Luckily my Mom was scheduled to visit me for the last couple of weeks, and that helped a lot. She and I went to Scotland last week, and had a lovely time walking and sightseeing. We hired a lovely cosy cottage with a log stove, which was a delight to come home to tired and wet! We were fairly lucky with the weather, and managed two long walks (10 miles and 15 miles). On the damp days we went to Edinburgh, Stirling, the west coast and Glen Coe. Scotland is gorgeous, and I’m already looking forward to going again!

Not much else to tell you, as I’m still a bit blue and not really chatty yet.