Thursday, 22 January 2009


I.. am.. so.. sleepy... I nearly fell asleep at my desk before lunch so I dragged my protesting butt to the gym in the hope that a workout would wake me up. It did, but for about half an hour! 4 hours to hometime. ugh.

We got our security screens yesterday and I'm chuffed with them. It was a very hot and humid evening so we left our bedroom windows and front door wide open overnight which was pleasant... except when I went for a wee in the night and jumped out of my skin on the way back at the sight of the street. The noises from the street are taking a bit of getting used to, but the breeze is nice!

It's just as well that we have the screens up because Milord was doing a bit of DIY yesterday and smashed our bedroom window (it's also just as well that it's hot weather!). He rang me at work to tell me and I was all, "Oh nevermind, we'll reglaze it before it gets cold". The bloke who sits next to me told me that if he'd rung his wife with that sort of news he'd have his head bitten off... I told him I save that kind of reaction for bigger mess-ups!

Our desired builder has sent us his quote to do our extension and deck and stuff. I opened it just before going to bed - I have got to stop opening mail at bedtime - and totally freaked out. A quiet wail of "We can't afford that!" because it is THREE TIMES more than we can borrow to pay for it. The guy is on drugs!

We'll have to make a plan. Maybe just extend the house and do the kitchen and leave the back yard for another time. We shall see.

Speaking of the kitchen - we met with a kitchen designer on Wednesday and worked out our little island kitchen for the middle of the living area. Picture this in the middle of a long thin room.

On one side (where the glass overhead cabinets are) is the TV/Sitting area and on the other is the Dining area which opens onto the back yard. The person in the kichen will be able to see and speak to anyone in any part of the living area or back yard.

It's not going to be cheap - we've selected some very funky storage solutions and a granite counter top. Plus we now need to go shopping for fridge, hob, oven and dishwasher as we kind of have none of the above.


This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't know I'd be stopping work in 7.5 months time! Milord and I want me to be a "Stay At Home Mom" until the kiddies are in school so we've structured all our outgoings to take that into account... we'll be fine but there won't be much cash left over at the end of each month.

I'm meeting with a group of girlfriends tonight for dinner. I've told them I'm detoxing for January so there should be no awkward questions when I don't drink... since Septsober they don't think it's too out of character!

I think I'll duck home early for a snooze before I go out tonight. Oh I'm such a bundle of fun!

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