Wednesday, 22 February 2012

And on the bright side...

My life here is Oz is going rather splendidly, as if to underline the troubles happening to my Dad. I feel wrong talking about the good things when others are going through bad stuff... but that's sort of silly, right?

Princess' walking is coming along nicely. She can get up and stand for a good minute and a half and will happily walk across a room if you ask her to. She's pretty wobbly and falls over a fair bit, but no more than any other baby learning to walk I reckon. Holding my hand we can walk all the way to the shops, and that trip is getting faster all the time (it used to take 20 minutes to the top of my street - now it takes 5 minutes).

The potty training is going great. Today was her first puddle in a couple of weeks, and I've not had to deal with a toddler-poo nappy in ages!

King is getting the hang of falling asleep alone! He still needs a bit of help dropping off from time to time, but last night I made the executive decision that we would leave him to squawk for 5 minutes before picking him up - he resettled himself 3 times in the night before the 5 minutes was up, and we made it to 7am! Milord is a whole different person today (Milord usually does the nighttime resettling).

I'm turning 40 in a couple of weeks and my husband and friends are making a lovely fuss about it. I really don't mind turning 40 - I hated turning 30 because all the goals I had in my head were unreached, but I've certainly ticked all the boxes in the last decade!
Sunny country? Check.
Loving husband? Check.
2 perfect children? Check.
Own house? Check.

Our remortgage should pay out soon and as of next month Milord is getting a pay rise - hopefully we'll start breaking even now.

Life is fab. Now if only I could channel some of my luck to someone else... I love you Dad xxx.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oh Hell

My Dad has lung cancer.

I feel so helpless and far away.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Teething Sucks

Poor King. I was hoping he'd have a better teething experience than his sister, but it seems his new teeth are just as sore as hers were. At least we assume that's what is the matter - he can't exactly tell us why he's upset!

He's having a lot of trouble sleeping anywhere except our arms, and even then it is a battle as he whimpers and howls in discomfort. So of course he's tired and clingy and we are tired and fed up and by the time Milord came back from golf yesterday evening I snarled "Take. It. Off. Me!" as I'd had King on me for nearly 10 hours straight!

Painkillers help, and I have a chillable teething ring which would probably help if he only had the coordination to chomp on it... When King does manage a bit of sleep he is his usual sunny giggly self and we melt back into loving him unconditionally again, but in general it's a bit sucky.

And this is just the first pair of teeth... *sigh*

Friday, 10 February 2012

We love you Dad

My Dad is going through a rough patch. His youngest brother is riddled with cancer and has not been given very long to live, and the one closest in age to my Dad (I think) died from a sudden heart attack a couple of weeks ago. The family is hurting.

On top of that Dad is having pains deep in his chest and abdomen. I don't know if it is a good sign or not that they haven't found a cause yet...

I wish I wasn't so far away.

On a lighter note:

This is the best of the bunch of the photo I was trying to get... Oh, and if you ever want to know how old your skin, eyes and teeth look, lie next to a baby!

I bought Princess some new hairclips, so of course she had to wear them all at the same time...

I love you Dad.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Your Royal Fix

Just haven't felt like posting... but there is plenty going on.

  • Princess stood up and walked unaided today for the first time! Woohoo!
  • Potty training is mostly going ok - nappies for naps and going out, lots of "Do you need a tinkle?" the rest of the time.
  • King is getting his first teeth.
  • King weighs about 10kg already! He's almost into size 1!!
  • King and Milord both had headcolds over the weekend. OMG.
  • Milord and I are off the booze for Feb - mainly to lose weight.
  • Our remortgage has been approved so we should be able to finish the renovation soon!