Friday, 23 January 2009

This is SO a Mommy Blog already!

Sorry. I assume I'll start talking about something else sometime...

I had a nice night out with 7 of my girlz yesterday. I did go home early for a lie down and snack before heading out and I was perhaps the perkiest among us! My best friend in Oz (gotta think of a cool nickname for her... ummmmm... she's Irish, and totally hot, and halfway through her first pregnancy: IrishMILF it is!) came along.

IrishMILF is 19 weeks into her pregnancy and has a neat little bump to show off (she's a tiny skinny laydee so the bump is quite obvious. I imagine that mine will take much longer to heave into view from the pillows of plump around my generous midriff). I saved her day by producing a snack bar when she was about to murder people through hunger before the food arrived!

She is desperate to chat about my pregnancy, but I'm not ready to tell everyone in that group yet so we had to talk in veiled references.

There was a discussion of baby names... What do you guys think about telling everyone the names you've shortlisted? (IrishMILF did, and they're lovely names - not wierd Irish ones either (teehee)) Milord and I think the names should be secret until the baby has arrived.

Ages ago (we've been planning a family for years) when we were discussing names Milord said "No royal or biblical names, and no nouns or adjectives, and nothing in the top most popular names." Since we've been pregnant though every name he's proposed has been a king or queen or biblical figure or both - and usually quite popular too! Funny. We already have a strong contender for a girl's name, but it's early days and we shall see...

Oh and my "detox" didn't attract a single comment!

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waterbob said...

Names are always worth a bit of discussion. Your sister's name (in the days before the baby's sex was known) was planned to work either way and the middle name would have been John. Because your parents both had a J initial in the middle. Your name, had you been male, would have been Michael John. Can't remember where your actual name came from. I think mainly we tried to keep the embarrassment level low for you both and give you an acceptable option if you didn't fancy the first one. You must ask you Mom when she gets there.