Saturday, 20 October 2012

Your Royal Fix

It feels wrong posting these without Dad out there looking for them...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Summer Time

We went onto daylight savings time over the weekend. I love the later mornings and longer evenings this gives us, but it does mess with the kid's naps a bit. I'm trying to adjust their sleep times but they both have such strong body clocks this means they spend ages playing in bed and are then totally shattered when I force them to get up.

Today King struggled to nap during the morning and was unimpressed to be roused when I needed to go out. Then he and Princess mucked about in bed when they should have had their afternoon nap. I eventually let Princess get up, but am still trying to make King have a little nap because he looks so exhausted. I gave him a bottle of milk and put him back to bed and he is howling.

Princess is whining because she has skipped her nap. Ugh. I can't even send her to bed because he is in their room.

On the bright side King has started crawling! He is up on hands and knees and inching about the living room. Nothing is safe - he can reach everything on the coffee table, has worked out how to open cupboards, and is very interested in anything Princess is eating or playing with.

When in bed King can sit up and reach his mobile, so that has had to go. He also chucks each toy over the side one by one, then howls because he is stuck in a sitting position and can't work out how to lie down.

The little guy is a bit tired lately! I'd better go get him - he is still wailing. *sigh*

Friday, 5 October 2012


We had a little heatwave this week. Awesome. I am loving my backyard this summer!

Paddling pools rock.

This is us ready for company - you can't see the enormous leg of lamb on the spit in the bbq ;-). Friends came over with their young son (Princess' age) for lunch, and left 7 hours later when it was bedtime! What a glorious day.

This is my chillout space during the kid's afternoon nap.

It is going to be a very good summer!