Friday, 21 December 2001

Old News - Newsletter December 2001

I don't have much to tell you... no major international trips anyway - so it's all boring!

The past few weeks have been a (literal) blur of drinks and dinner, with xmas do's, farewells, reunions and birthdays. Add in a few pub lunches and gym sessions during the day (not necessarily in that order) and you might understand why we've barely stirred from the flat over the weekends. Plus it's bloody freezing now. They say we might get a white xmas down here, or at least a damn cold one!

We have made a small effort to do some sightseeing though, and a month or so ago we went off to Shrewsbury to see S and L. Shrewsbury is a gorgeous town - a bit like York without the tourists.

Then a few weeks ago we walked from the Millenium Dome (thought we should see it before it finally gets torn down) to the Thames Barrier which is very impressive. We had coffee in the Tearoom there to defrost and then scampered back home to watch videos feeling slightly smug.

And a week or so back we went up St Paul's Dome. It's quite a long climb, and we had to hurry as they were about to close for a function, so I reached the top hot and sweaty - then got so cold I had to come straight down again! I've done it before in warm weather, so I didn't mind!

My company xmas do tonight (last week was the department do), and Mountain Man's tomorrow. The weekend to recover and then xmas (we're going to my Mom's). Then Mountain Man heads to SA and I tag along with J and T for New Years - and then the poor liver might actually get a break!