Monday, 22 September 2008

Haircut again

About a month ago I cut my hair from shoulder-length to quite short. It was a nice enough cut, and an enormous relief after several years of long hair, but it just wasn't quite what I wanted. I'd had to argue with the hairdresser to get her to make the sides short and I found the whole look was a bit shapeless and hard to style. What I wanted is what is probably best known as a "pixie" cut, but try explaining that to a Vietnamese lady with bad English!

So the other day I was passing a proper hairdresser and on impulse I popped in and asked if they had a free slot. They did, and I described the cut I wanted to the ladyboy assigned to me.

"Very short back and sides, and longer on top."
"How short?"
"Very short."
"Like a boy's cut?"
"Uh... what?"

So (s)he brought me a brochure of men's cuts and I chose one. I presume they don't call it a pixie cut when it's on a bloke, but that's exactly what it is!

Cute, sexy, much easier to style, and Milord likes it too. (The fringe is supposed to fall forward, but I have a wild cowlick to contend with)

In my 20's I had quite a similar cut, so this makes me feel a decade younger. The only difference is that I used to have my hair a whole lot lighter - "platinum blonde" I think we called it. Milord has seen the photos, and yesterday he commented that my hair is so much darker than back then, and he'd like it lighter. Well, why not? I picked up some pre-lightener at the chemist (because the usual stuff doesn't take me light enough) and disappeared into the bathroom, emerging with super-blonde hair a bit later. Milord was a bit shocked, silly thing! (If your natural colour is not blonde then don't do this at home)

I now look exactly like my mother did in her 30s (she's always had very short platinum hair)... which is not a bad thing but it is a little disturbing!

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Suzanne said...

Oooh, that's quite fetching! :)

I love short hair, personally!