Thursday, 25 September 2008

Across time

Inspired by Claire's letter to her 17 year self, but considering that I recently wrote about being 17...

If you could talk to the you of 10 or 20 years time, what would you say? What questions do you have? Here we go...

Dear Saffa in 10 years time,

So, mid 40's eh? How's that going? Milord is jumpy right now about turning 50 in a couple of years, are you cool with it? I'll tell you what I'm telling him: no one over 30 thinks 50 is that old! Folk over 60 think you're wet behind the ears. Relax and enjoy, you have decades still to come!

Are you a good mother? They'll be well under 10 years old if I do my job right so in theory at the nicest stage! Do you enjoy being a mom? If you are struggling then remember why you did it: because it is the biggest adventure challenge there is and you didn't want to turn into one of those rather strange stunted women who never had a family and who channel all their love into dogs and cats. You know who I mean.

Are you still a good wife? Your 10 year anniversary has just passed. Remember your priorities - your husband must come first if your marriage is going to be happy. Husband, then children, then self, then job. Do you have the balance right?

Are you taking care of yourself? You better be, because I'm knocking myself out here in your 30's to give you a good body to carry on with! Moderation, darling. You know the truth, now believe in it. And get that husband of yours to cut back too.

I'd love to know what job you are doing. There are very few programmers around in their late 40s (ok ok, mid 40s) right now... does that become the norm or do you head into management? Did you stop for a few years to bring up the kids? Did you discover a whole new direction? Whatever you choose I'm sure you're fine. If you're not fine then stop! Go do something else - it's never too late to be a success in a new direction - just think of your mom and what she achieved after 55.

Speaking of which, how is your mom? She'll be just over 70. Did you manage to get her to emigrate to be with you? Is she living in a granny flat in your garden helping with the kiddies or forging yet another career somewhere? Did she find someone to love? God I hope so, she has so much to give to the right bloke. Is she with a good bloke? If not then do something about it this time!

And how's Dad and Stepmom? Still semi-retired on the sunset coast spoiling the grandkids when they get the chance? I bet Dad's turned into one of those marvellous sinewy old blokes who can still windsurf at 75. Awesome.

I assume you're still in Sydney, but if you're in a whole new continent I won't be surprised - you always had itchy feet.

Don't you dare get boring on me! Remember: "Life is short, so why not?!"

Yours sincerely
30's Saffa

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Suzanne said...

This is so neat! I love it!