Thursday, 18 September 2008

What (was) for dinner Wednesday - update

So we made our seafood salad last night. I chopped up garlic, crushed a dried chilli, and mixed those up with the seafood, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Then I looked at my seafood mix... and it was looking back at me.

Kind of freaky.

I'm not the most squeamish of people but this just wasn't cool! Milord pulled out the octopi and cut them in half before we stir-fried the seafood in a hot wok, then served it on salad.

Next time we're going to have to cut them up much smaller though, as I had a definite hesitation a couple of times during dinner!


Tully said...

Yeah it looks delicious, but slightly creepy. It is so annoying when you are kind of grossed out by something, but really want to eat it!

Have a good weekend!

waterbob said...

hey Chick, Always found with octopus like perlemoen, one had to beat it up quite a bit to get it edible. Was it tough to chew?
Have a great weekend

Saffa Chick said...

Hi Dad (I hope that's you Dad, sounds like you anyway!). The octopus was surprisingly not chewy, but quite tender even though we didn't marinade or bash it. We're having the seafood mix again tonight, and Milord is instructed to dice the little guys til they aren't quite so recognisable!