Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What (was) for dinner Wednesday

Day 10 off the grog. The cravings have passed, Milord is losing a kilo a week and we're sleeping amazingly well. I'm not losing weight but my belly is flattening nicely and my fitness is coming along so I can't complain!

Dinners hmmmm. I haven't taken any photos, but over the last couple of days we had:

- Garlic and rosemary crusted lamb rack cooked over charcoal, with salad.
- Chicken thighs roasted with vegetables, potato wedges and pumpkin.
- T-bone steaks, grilled, with steamed asparagus tossed in butter.

Tonight Milord intends to get home early, fire up the kettle bbq and cook us a whole chicken over coals. We're missing the gas bbq for the convenience, but coals give a far better flavour!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

It all sounds so good, especially the lamb.

This week's WFDW is probably going to be ham and pesto calzones.