Monday, 29 September 2008

1.5 days to go!

Septsober is nearly over! Just over a day to go and I can pour an ice cold glass of crisp dry sauvignon blanc, inhale it's grassy goodness and then sip the gooseberry capsicum nectar and feel it tingle all the way down my throat.

This weekend was the roughest craving I've had in weeks. Partly because I was tired and cranky (note to self, do not donate blood when having your period - bad combo), and I think partly because the end is in sight! I only survived because Milord kept me on the straight and narrow.

We went cycling this weekend - I borrowed a friend's bicycle and Milord and I explored a cycle track which follows a river not far from home. Apparently the total distance is 25km, but we just went went for half an hour then turned around and came home. It was lovely with lots of parkland, sports fields and a golf course along the way. We will take a picnic next time, and I must take photos.

I haven't been on a bike in years, and I haven't really cycled since I left school. It does come back quickly, although I had a lot of trouble with tight corners! I also had trouble with my bum - after an hour in the saddle I was in agony, and a couple of days later I am still aware of my butt bones... we may need to ease into this cycling lark!

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Kat said...

Hey you've almost made it! How impressive! Well done you! I was wondering what you would want to drink first once the time was up - white wine not champagne? The question is just how quickly is it gonna go to your head?!! That will definately need blogging :)