Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Septsober halfway

Day 16 off the grog. Halfway, and downhill from here I hope!

Weight Lost: none (wah)
Energy Levels: normal
Concentration: normal
Skin: normal
TV watching: reduced by 80%
Book reading: up by 80%
Money saved: lots
Sleep quantity: increased
Snoring: stopped (yay)

We're sleeping more, eating more, reading more (we've lost all tolerance for rubbish TV and would rather sleep or read than sit through it) and going out less. We are finding the experience as a whole rather unrewarding, but we are halfway now so may as well complete the month!

I am working flat out at the moment, so I'm not posting or even reading blogs much... at least the days fly by! Then I go home, cook dinner, check email, watch a little TV then go to bed and read my book. Every. Single. Day. Life is pretty dull.

On the weekend we worked around the house because we intended hosting a bbq on the Sunday. Saturday was a glorious day - it turned into a scorcher - the first day of summer perhaps. It was so hot that Milord ran out to buy a huge sun umbrella for the back yard to shelter our guests. Then of course on Sunday we awoke to pounding rain! We contacted out friends who offered their kitchen, so we went over to their place and cooked Sunday lunch and watched everyone else get drunk. How annoying are drunk people when you're sober, eh?

Sunday was a major test for us as our friends not only did not respect our desire to stay off the grog ("Oh go on, just a small one!"), but they also wanted us to taste the wines they are selecting for their wedding in a few weeks time! We've discovered that we are stronger as a team - if I didn't know that succumbing would take Milord with me I'd be far more likely to have "just one", and the same is true for him.

Oh well. 15 days without a hangover is not to be sneezed at I suppose!

Here's a sculpture I passed on the way to work the other day, of a group of sheep leaping through a curtain. It's called "Curtain Call". Surreal, and the sheep are sculpted amazingly well.

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Kat said...

I'm most impressed with your willpower! I can't say I had 100% faith that you would manage to last a whole month... but you're doing good!! :)