Saturday, 27 September 2008

Septsober almost done, what about Ocsober?

No no not me! I'm not doing another month off the grog until maybe next year... I hear February is a nice short one!

However, I know that a lot of Aussies will be attempting "Ocsober" to raise money for Life Education, a non-government organisation who educate kids about the dangers of drink and drugs. I would have signed up myself but the timing was a bit off for me.

Instead I am prepared to sponsor someone else. None of my friends here in Sydney are interested - bloody alkies.

Therefore: If you intend to participate in Ocsober and you stumble across this post before October 2008, leave me a comment and I'll sponsor you $100! If you're very lucky I might be able to talk my 3 readers into sponsoring you too! I'll give you a guest pass to my blog and you will be required to blog once a week about the experience. If you are in Sydney then I'll take you out for a drink when you are done.

I hope you find the experience easier than I did.

1 comment:

Paul Wheelton said...

Yes Saffa Chick.
being a Hawthorn supporter is is now time for me to be on board with Ocsober.
After attending the Player,official and party faithful party at Crown last night I will need it.
Com on now give Ocsober a go

Kind Regards
Paul Wheelton of the Wildebeest Team