Monday, 1 September 2008


39 days to my sailing holiday! Squeee!

Time to get serious about losing a little weight and toning up. I have challenged Milord to join me for a month off the grog and he's keen, so here we go! It's not going to be easy but at least we have no major engagements lined up this month. A detox should be good for our fertility too... the poor little drunken swimmers don't seem to be doing their job very well!

There is a charity drive in Aus for people to do a sponsored dry month in October - called Ocsober. It's not going to work for me though, as October is my holiday time and we also have 2 weddings happening then. Septsober it is instead!

Here's my monthly weight graph (just the to date one as I haven't changed much):

I've been awfully lazy lately and haven't made it to the gym for weeks. My weight has somehow stayed steady, but my middle's gone a bit flabby. No more excuses! No more lunches reading blogs instead of getting to the gym!


Suzanne said...

Really? A government sponsored campaign to be sober for a whole month? Sounds like my kind of country to visit-just not in October!

Kat said...

a WHOLE month sober?! This could be interesting:)