Friday, 26 September 2008

Odd Things

I've seen lately...

On the way to work I saw 3 women on the edge of a park, dancing a slow bollywood-style routine in near-perfect unison.

I saw a wedding party having their photos taken in a bustling pedestrianised mall, surrounded by hundreds of hurrying people. The bridal couple was posing in the Armani store doorway, right in front of a huge poster of a half-naked man.

The optomotrist store in my high street has a poster in the window advertising a Stevie Wonder gig.


Tink said...

Maybe they met in the mall? Still, weird. I met Hoop at work, but I'm sure as hell not having a photoshoot there among the beer kegs and fat salesmen.

Canadian Girl said...

Were the ladies doing the slow Bollywood style movements practising Tai Chi or doing something else entirely?