Friday, 5 September 2008


Friday at last. Man, that was a long week...

Day 5 off the grog. I broke out in pimples a couple of days ago on my chin, upper arms and in my hair. Luckily the face ones never really showed - I know better than to touch them apart from a good cleanse morning and night - and after a couple of days they dried up and disappeared. The others have nearly cleared up too. Damn detoxing! It's a bit like when you give up smoking and develop a horrible cough for a few months as your lungs clear.

Speaking of which, Milord and I were discussing last night how the urge for a glass of wine is exactly like the urge for a cigarette (we're both reformed smokers). We were out for our 5th montheversary dinner and a movie (Tropic Thunder totally rocks!) and as we sat down in the restaurant I automatically picked up the winelist. And put it back down.

A little voice in my head was shouting
"Oh ok... ...Want!"
"Oh ok... ...Want!"

Milord said he had the same internal dialog! Then we ordered a coffee and our meals and the need just went away and didn't come back. I had a guilt-free pizza (think of all the points I saved by not drinking) and we came home sober at a reasonable hour feeling frisky... bonus!

So that's a montheversary done sober. Now I need to get through a Friday night sober, and a weekend sober. I sound like an alcoholic... I suppose I am an alcoholic (everyone who knows me just nodded and said "Duh, yathink?").

I made it to the gym 3 times this week so far, and have my kit with me to go today as well. I ran 5km yesterday in 32 min - need to work on getting back to 5km in 30min - but usually I just do 30min on the cross-trainer. We're eating healthy and I've generally been right on my weightwatchers points (what a pleasure to eat 20 points a day instead of trying to save 10 for the booze!) so I reckon the weight will start creeping off soon.

I also expect the detox symptoms to finish soon. I am less achey and I've started sleeping better - Milord has just about stopped snoring which is brilliant!

Remind me why we drink again? Because it's fun, because everyone else does, and because most social events are structured around booze...? Mmm

Remember all those smoking ads not that long ago showing cigarettes as fun and sexy? I saw an ad last night before the movie selling wine as fun and sexy and it reminded me so strongly of the old cigarette adverts! Beer companies now sponsor the events that cigarette companies used to sponsor. In my parent's youth it was normal to take cigarettes to a party to share - now we take booze to share. I'm seeing a powerful parallel.

Just a decade ago I couldn't envision smoking being outlawed and now it's definitely on the way out. Smokers are thrust out of social gatherings to nurse their habit alone, and are regarded with contempt by the rest of us. I reckon in a generation's time alcohol will be regarded in the same light as smoking is today. Health-wrecking and dangerous... and it is.

I predict that my grandchildren will not be able to fathom what drove us to drink alcohol, in the same way that I goggle at a 60s movie where they all chain smoke like it's normal!

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