Monday, 8 September 2008

Morning Walk

Day 8 off the grog. At what point do I start to feel marvelous?

I have found myself a very nice walk to work from our new house. I catch the bus half the way (I walked the whole way once and it took nearly 2 hours, which is a bit much) then jump off and walk the rest of the way to work. The stop I alight at is on the edge of Sydney University and Sydney TAFE (Technical college), and I walk through bits of campus and bits of residential area for a while. Away from the busy main roads there are very few people around, and the campus has that desolate tumbleweed quality of all educational institutions when the students are not there.

Here and there I will chance apon the odd tai-chi devotee in a park (I always want to stop and watch - what's the etiquette when someone is doing wierd exercises in public?). After about 20 min I leave the quiet back streets and take a walkway and bridge across monorail and tram lines which gently deposits me in Darling Harbour, right next to the Chinese Gardens (well worth a visit by the way). This area generally heaves and bustles with tourists and folk out on the town, but in the early morning it is quiet and tranquil. Groundskeepers wade thigh-deep in the fountains, cleaning them, and ducks snooze with their heads under their wings in quiet corners of the ponds.

From here I walk next to the water around to the right, under the pedestrian bridge, past the aquarium and then turn and head into the city, arriving at work after a total of 45mins.

A very nice start to the day!

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