Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What wasn't for dinner Wednesday

Day 24 off the grog. We have added fairly strict dieting to our regime and now we're losing weight... funny that. Oh well, one week left and I get my life back!

Cravings: Gone.
Skin: Great, except I now have PMS (pre menstrual spots) coming up.
Weight: Down a bit, but that's because of diet not drink.
Money saved: We were doing pretty well then got a parking fine and speeding fine so would have spent the same on wine and a taxi!

I'm going to stop the weekly meal post - I'm very busy at work lately so it seems every other post is about food and that's just not interesting! If we cook up something stunning I may post it in future.

For the record though last night we had a butternut, brussel sprout and asparagus risotto that's a keeper! If anyone asks I'll post the recipe.

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