Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Break open the champagne!

Septsober is over! Woohoo!

I have a very good bottle of "traditional method" sparkling wine in the fridge awaiting my arrival home after work (who else finds it really annoying that we can't label it "champagne" any more?) as well as a decent sauvignon blanc to follow.

Our diet is doing it's best to stay on track this week as we are off to a wedding on the weekend and Milord is 2cm off getting his suit pants done up... that's down from 3cm on Saturday so it is possible he'll get there in time! It's quite amazing how fast my man can lose weight when he puts his mind to it.

I look fine in my dress but it wouldn't hurt me to lose half a kilo or so. The forecast for the weekend is hot and rainy, so I'm not fully decided on what I'm wearing yet. Either a full length red satin halterneck, or a blue/black mid-calf lace/satin number. I'm dying to wear the red, but it might be too hot for a midday wedding in 30C humidity!

I had no takers on the Ocsober sponsorship, so I'll spend that $100 on new earrings and a handbag! Mwahaha...

Roll on hometime and a glass of bubbly!

[update: 20 minutes to hometime and Milord is emailing me time checks... unrelated news check out the view from my office window. Isn't that just totally awesome!]

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waterbob said...

Hey Chick - well done and proud of you. The ships I am on are dry so I go through that every second month and the first beer or brandy klaps a bit. So how do you feel today?
For some reason champagne has a celebratory ring to it that 'traditional method' is missing. 'Bubbly' has a good sound to it though and perhaps the marketing folk should push that.