Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 13 and 1 days

We went for the 12 week scan on Monday, and based on the size of the baby (66mm from top of head to bottom of... bottom?) they have revised my due date to 5 days earlier! My menstrual cycle is exactly 5 days shorter than the norm at 23 days, so that makes sense apparently. My new due date is the 8th September!

Everything is looking good. Baby has the required number of hands, feet, arms, legs, head, brain etc. No we can't see genitals (or lack thereof) yet - that will have to wait for the next scan at about 19 weeks. They measured the fluid in the neck and based on that the risk of Downs Syndrome is reduced to 20%. I'm just waiting for some blood results now to lower the risk to just 10% - which still sounds rather high doesn't it?

The only option to completely rule out Downs is an amniocentesis test, where they take a bit of the amniotic fluid from the uterus (via a whopping great needle) and test it. The procedure carries a risk of miscarriage, so we're in 2 minds about it.

I'm feeling very bloated today so I'll take my measurements tomorrow and then update this post. I definitely have a little bump now... but as I've lost weight recently my clothes are not tight yet.

Measurements (compared to those taken at week 5):
Weight: 71kg (-0.5kg)
Boobs: 98cm (same)
Ribs: 82cm (same)
Waist: 87cm (same)
Hips: 97cm (-1cm)
Thigh: 57cm (-1cm)

Lower tummy bump: 96cm

Ok, wierd. Apart from the bump (which was a fat roll back then) my measurements are the same if not smaller than at week 5! I forgot to take a photo today - if I remember I'll take one and come update this post again.

How do I feel: Tired tired tired. Now that I'm back at work I'm missing my afternoon nap! This could have something to do with jet lag though, as I've been really struggling to get back to normal. I slept well last night so I hope the jet lag is over.

Cravings?: My appetite is still a bit wonky - I really don't want meat or salad but I'm managing the odd bit of chicken and I had a beef pie last night so that's good. Milord goes on about me not getting enough protein but I'm eating fish, nuts and cheese as well as the odd little bit of meat so I think he's being a fusspot... better than uncaring I suppose! We may have to go looking for biltong this weekend.

How does Milord feel: I thought he'd be totally stoked after the 12 week scan showed that all was well, but instead he seems even more freaked out than before. The continuing 10% risk of Downs is doing his head in, as well as the fact that no other mental illness can be detected in the womb.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: I've started getting random nosebleeds, this is apparently normal and I can also expect bleeding gums too! Nice. This has something to do with the extra blood I have in my system - I'll have up to 2 litres of extra blood by the due date. I can already feel my heart labouring to move it all around.

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: One totally rubbish one that springs to mind this week is that "jumping and stretching might make the cord go around the baby's neck and choke it"... because during my scan on Monday the sonographer had me practically belly-dancing on the table trying to wake the baby up so that it would turn around!


Suzanne said...

Sounding very good!

It does seem strange how those visits just make you more worried, doesn't it?

20% risk at age 30+ is actually pretty low, and I'm sure Bluebottle is fine.

maleesha said...

I had bleeding gums to the point where it was really hard to brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth also triggered a terrible gag reflex. I used Listerine most of the third trimester because I could not handle toothpaste for some reason.