Friday, 13 March 2009

Preggy Update

We're not calling the baby "Bluebottle" at all - the name never stuck. We seem to be calling it "The Baby", which is fine by me!

Hey, check this out... photos from Week 5 and Week 13 (last week):

Huh. I swear I look less pregnant now than I did 2 months ago! My fat roll has mutated into a slightly higher, much firmer bulge... and my back, arm and leg fat has reduced. My cheekbones are making a valiant effort at an emergence, which is nice.

I got asked what a "onesie" is... It's a generic brandname for a one-piece baby outfit, also called a babygro, romper etc. These are ones Sis gave me:


Cute, eh?

Week: 14 and 3 days

I took Milord along with me to visit the obstetrician this week. My doctor discussed the 12-week scan and blood results with us and said exactly what we needed to hear in just the way we needed to hear it. We came away confident and reassured and, above all, happy. The baby looks perfect, nothing to worry about.

Milord has finally embraced his impending dad-hood and is as excited and joyful as he should be.

How do I feel: I have my mojo back! The exhaustion has passed and I enjoy food again... I like salad and veg and meat and I don't fall asleep in the work toilets every afternoon. I can plan and cook meals again. Oh what a pleasure!

Cravings?: I sort of crave salads after not having them for so long...

How does Milord feel? He's over the moon. His wife is back to her perky self and the doctor set his mind at ease.

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: Not a fact, but why, if my bump is growing up around my bellybutton, do the ultrasound tech and obstetrician both end up digging around so very low in my pelvis to find the baby? What exactly is that bump if it's not the baby?

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: Not a tale, but a pregnant friend of mine says she's stopped worrying about eggs and cheeses and shellfish now that she's started her third trimester. I'm pretty sure toxoplasmosis and salmonella are really really bad all the way though the pregnancy... Just because a preemie might live is no reason to court disaster.


waterbob said...

Hey Chick, you're looking great. I had to page back to January to find which was which photo as the latest looks so much lighter. The sensible eating and drinking you are doing for your baby is going to do you the world of good!

Suzanne said...

The probable cause for not looking like you gained anything is that you LOST weight with all that not eating. You can't tell me that your scale didn't show some lower numbers.

Hurray for the return of the appetite and energy!

Kat said...

So glad to hear your appetite is back!

Julie said...

OH I love the "I'm Trouble" onsie!