Monday, 23 March 2009


I've cricked my back... while towelling my hair this morning. I can't turn my head or look up - ow ow ow. The only thing I can take at this time is paracetamol. It has done wonders for my posture because if I lean forward on an elbow I can't raise my head to see the screen! I hope it eases soon.

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday afternoon Milord dropped me at the shops and went to play golf. I went into K-Mart, picked up a big basket and began shopping. I see the smock look is still in fashion - something that has been driving me nuts for the last few years as I don't wear smocky things because they make me look pregnant... hmmm. So any top that looked smocky went into the basket, as did any shorts or trousers that looked soft and stretchy. I looked in the tiny maternity section but I'm not ready for the specially tailored belly tops yet!

Then to look for a couple of new bras. I reckon I might as well move into "maternity" bras now because then I've got them for later... I grab a few and wander off to the fitting room, leaving my basket behind. After trying a couple of styles I end up in a very comfortable 16D with room to grow (I'm usually a 14C). Back to the bra rack to grab another colour in the same style, and then back to where I left my basket. Huh. No basket. Hunt hunt hunt... I think I've been tidied! Bugger.

By this point I'm a bit fed up with shopping and I need a wee, so I grab another basket and do a much faster sweep of the racks and pick up far fewer clothes, pay for them and leave. After visiting the loo I do a swift grocery shop and catch the bus home, where I have a late lunch and lie down for 10 minutes.

I wake up 2 hours later... I guess I needed that! Although the exhaustion of the first few months has passed I'm still generally weary and I sleep whenever I can.

All my new clothes are comfortable over the bump, although I confess that I still don't like the smock style. Being generously endowed in the hip and bum area my waist needs as much emphasis as possible so I usually wear tops that follow my contours, not swamp them. Consider me swamped.

On Sunday we met up with friends for a quick drink (sigh) and got invited to an impromptu bbq in the evening. I was craving some picnic-next-to-the-sea time, so Milord and I had an hour under a tree in a park on the harbour before meeting up with the gang again. I haven't spent time with Milord's friends in ages, so it was nice to catch up.

Thing not to say to your pregnant wife who has outgrown her normal clothes:

  • "That smock top would look better over fitted shorts or jeans" (I don't have any that do up!)

  • "Bwhahahah! Oh very sexay!" (On seeing me in any maternity trousers)

  • "Your nipples must be bigger and darker, I can see them through that top" (Gee, thanks, now I'm aware of my nipples)

  • "Yes, your bump is turning me off a bit" (ouch)

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