Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Yesterday was my birthday - I am now 37. Milord kept trying to get a rise out of me by teasing me about being older, but really I don't mind! There is far too much else going on...

Milord "gave" me the snazzy pair of sunglasses I bought in duty-free on my recent trip and a lovely soppy "For my Darling Wife" card (my first!).

I went to work as usual, and chose not to tell anyone. I don't really have a close rapport with this team, and as I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet I didn't want to have to try and dodge lunch-time drinks etc! I did get lots of emails and texts from friends and family around the world though, so that was nice.

After work Milord and I drove to a shopping center halfway to home and had a look at the movies showing. Nothing tempted us so we walked to the main road and went to dinner at a lovely little bistro we discovered when Mom was here.

I have fantastic news: my food aversions seem to have mostly passed! Woohoo! I again enjoy salad and veggies and fish and meat. What a relief! We shared a nibbly starter platter and then I had a very good grilled salmon fillet (I had to have it cooked through because rare=dangerous right now, but it was still yummy). Milord had a rib-eye steak.

And... I had a little bit of wine! I'm allowed the occasional glass of booze now that I'm past the first trimester, and it was sooo delicious. I'm allowed 3 glasses a week or something but I think I'll try to avoid grog in general unless it's a special occasion. Tell you what though - I am a cheap date after nearly 3 months teetotal! The second sip went directly to my knees.

When we got home Mom called me for a short chat, and then I fell into bed and hardly moved until morning... a very nice day indeed!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! That does sound like a wonderful evening with Milord.

(I had one glass of champagne while pregnant with Chef. It was soooooo good!)