Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hols 4

I'm here, I'm here, just been very tired and a bit busy at work!

So, I spent a week in South Africa at the end of Feb. Flying there took 28 hours, and flying home took 24 hours, with 3 hops each way. Ugh.

  • I hate flying long haul.

  • I hate flying long haul alone.

  • I hate flying long haul sober!

  • Next time I'll get aisle seats not window seats. I got very twitchy when my seat mates were asleep.

  • Airline food is nasty, and even more so when you have food aversions. I lost half a kilo each way. Seriously.

  • I am not flying long haul with my kids until they are over 5 years old. There were babies and toddlers screaming all. of. the. way.

  • Earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones saved my sanity.

  • Singapore airport is awesome!

  • Jetlag on top of pregnancy totally sucks.

I landed in Cape Town mid morning and my Aunt Jane and Uncle Charles very kindly picked me up to give me a lift to my accommodation (it is impossible to get from Cape Town Airport to anywhere except the city without a car). This is the aunt who usually greets me with "Wow, you're fat!" so I was in a state of trepidation considering I was 3 months pregnant! Luckily she skipped that statement this time... They drove me to Paarl where we stopped for directions to the accommodation, found it, dropped off my bags and went for a lovely lunch among the vineyards. Then they left me and I had a very welcome shower and a lie down.

Heidi and her 3 (T, J and L) bridesmaids arrived shortly after 3pm and I joined them by the pool for tea (me) and champagne (them) while we finished wrapping her wedding favours. At about 6pm I had to go for a quick snooze, and then at 8ish we went out for dinner. My food aversions were playing havoc and my grilled fish dinner (the exact same as 3 others had and raved about) tasted like cardboard... I pushed it around my plate until everyone finished.

Funnily enough (hee) the talk was mostly of pregnancy and babies (3 of the others have kids) and I only realised we were annoying the bride when she thumped the table and cried "I'm sick of talking about babies! I want to talk about My Wedding tomorrow!" Oooops. So then myself and the other two married girls waxed lyrical about our weddings and husbands, and paid her the required attention. I felt really sorry for L, the only unmarried unfertilised member of the group!

I was sharing a room with T, one of my best mates based in England, and we stayed up talking until midnight. I was awake at 6am with hayfever and then couldn't get back to sleep. Damn you hayfever that I can't medicate at the moment! Damn you jetlag!

Us girls met up for breakfast, and then hair and makeup people and family started to arrive. My and T's room, as the largest and most bright, was used as the "getting ready" room. Which I didn't mind except that by midday when my eyes were slamming shut I had nowhere to lie down! I tried to snooze in a hammock outside but it didn't work. I also got hungry in the afternoon... I discovered rusks in the tea-making set of a bedroom and scarfed them. A little later I found J and L snacking on a salad and had a bit of that too but it wasn't really enough. So, one tired and hungry pregnant woman ended up squeezing into her dress that afternoon!

I swear I developed a baby bump on the plane on the way over - or else I was bloated (which does happen to me after long haul flights). Whatever the reason, my dress didn't fit quite as well as it had the week before! Luckily I'd invested in some serious support knickers - the ones that look like bicycle shorts with a wide band around the lower belly. They squidged my bump flattish and although my dress was snugger than I like it looked ok!

The wedding was lovely - a late afternoon ceremony held outside on a lawn with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Heidi looked every inch a princess and the dresses she chose for her bridesmaids were stunning - a flattering cut in cornflower blue. It was a small gathering - about 40 people, which I think is a good number for a wedding so that you can get to talk to everyone. The reception was held in a function hall int he same place and the meal was apparently good too. My flipping food aversions were still apon me so that I practically gagged on the starter and merely poked at the main. The dessert was devine though!

When the meal and speeches were over I could barely stay upright I was so tired, so I caught a lift back to the accommodation and was asleep before 11pm. My jetlag woke me at 7am, but at least I'd had a decent night's sleep!

Hordes of people turned up for the post-wedding brunch, after which Dad and Stepmom arrived to fetch me. We into Cape Town and went to visit Sis, who was recuperating from an Achilles tendon operation. Mom and Dad have paid for her to stay in a nursing home for 6 weeks and she has been spoiled rotten - waited on hand and foot and fed like a pre-Christmas turkey! We had a nice visit, I gave her presents from Mom and me, and she gave me a New Age mothering book and the most adorable onesies for the baby. I've hung the onesies on our bedroom door handle and Milord and I look at them all the time!

Then off to Dad's house in Saldanha (1.5 hours from Cape Town on the west coast), a light meal and I was in bed early!

For the next few days I took it really easy. I'd rise shortly after StepMom went to work (Dad had time off), have a cup of tea, rusks and fruit with Dad, shower then go for a walk/drive/shopping trip/lunch with Dad. Home for a nap/read/tv show until StepMom got home, then after giving them some quality time we'd all chat and organise dinner and I'd have an early night again... I was exhausted! I don't remember ever being so tired before - the jetlag on top of the pregnancy on top of the minimal sleep around the wedding totally floored me.

I had another visit with Sis while Dad was busy, and I pushed her wheelchair to the local shopping centre for lunch which was very pleasant.

And one afternoon my Dad took me to the nearby lagoon where he is learning to kite-board... he doesn't quite have the hang of it yet so he spends some of the time being dragged through the water trying to stand up and the rest of it involuntarily high in the air trying to land nicely!

About the point where I no longer needed afternoon naps it was time to head home! Ugh.

The highlight of that trip was meeting up with Mom in Singapore airport! We overlapped for a couple of hours so I popped into her hotel room for a shower and a cup of tea before the next leg of my journey.

And then finally home to Sydney, to Milord, to my bed and my own pillow.... and another week of exhaustion before I felt human again!


Suzanne said...

As usual, stunning pictures. The backdrop of the mountains is gorgeous, the bride's dress is beautiful (as are the bridesmaid's gowns) and you do NOT look fat! :)

Nat said...

Lovely pics... you are looking fabulous!

Kat said...

Love your red dress!

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