Friday, 27 March 2009


Yes, it's still about my belly! Who's sick of hearing about my pregnancy already - or do you find the minor details fascinating? Childfree ladies are going "oh wow, bizarre" and moms are saying "yep, remember that". And men are thinking "eep"!

How about a belly-related story then? I wiped all my stories off the blog a little while ago when I was feeling meh, but they are safe and I might bring them back one by one.

During my previous life I lived in London in a 3 bedroom apartment with Mountain Man, T and at least one other Saffa at any time. L lived across the river but would visit often as her houseshare was all boys and she needed a break! We'd been living in London for perhaps a year I think, so it must have been the summer of 2000. Oh wow, that's nearly 10 years ago!

T had recently broken up with her long-term fella of 7 years, C. She'd moved to London before him, and in the 6 months it took him to get his arse in gear and follow he'd had a torrid affair with a girl in Cape Town. He never quite broke it off and it all turned very ugly in the end when he finally left T to be with the new girl, who had moved to London following him! Obviously T was devasted, and the girls rallied round until she found her feet again.

Who remembers "Bridget Jone's Diary"? We'd all been reading it and as we lived quite close to a lot of Bridget's haunts in Notting Hill us grrrls would seek out the bars and restaurants (192 exists!) mentioned in the book and drink chardonnay in homage! One fine Saturday afternoon T, L and I were ambling through Notting Hill market on our way to one of said bars. It's a shabby-chic area, complete with tattoo parlours and strange dingy shops full of arty, vintage, antiquey stuff.

T paused outside a tattoo parlour plastered with designs and metalwork... "C never let me get a piercing. I want to get a piercing. No, I want to get two piercings!"

"You go girl!" cried L. "I'll get one with you!"

"Um..." said I, who'd never even thought about getting a piercing before in my life "Really? I'll, uh, I'll join you guys... um."

Pumped with girl power bravado we stalked into the shop and told the scarey bald tattooed man what we wanted. "Ok girls, but I'm with a client right now, come back in half an hour". How much chardonnay can you drink in half an hour? Huh, looOooser (holds hand in L-sign on forehead).

Before I knew it we were in the back room of the tattoo parlour, with T stretched out on a table getting a belly piercing, then a nose stud. I cannot for the life of me remember who went next, but a little while later all three of us were standing in the street looking down at our smarting belly rings*. We picked up a load of wine and went home to celebrate!

Of the three of us I am the only one still to have my piercing. Within a month T had to take her nose stud out for work, and her belly ring fell out, and both holes closed. A year later L took her belly ring out to please a (now long-gone) boyfriend.

But me, the one who hates showing her tummy and who was the most unlikely person to ever stud her body with metal? I still have mine (in spite of past disapproving boyfriends). It is so a part of me that I'm not even aware of it any more. For my wedding, when I bought gold sparkly earrings to wear on the day I also bought a matching gold sparkly belly bar! If you look closely at my photos you can just see the little bump under my dress...

...I took it out last weekend. The hard swell of my tummy is making the belly bar stick out so much that I'm not comfortable with the bump under my clothes. I really miss it and my belly button looks strangely nekkid. I look forward to hopefully putting it back in 6 months time!

* Yes it hurt, and mine took several months to heal properly which made waistbands a trial!

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