Friday, 27 February 2009

Bluebottle Update

Week: 11 and 5 days

This is just a very fast post... I am at Dad's in Cape Town, and I fly home tomorrow.

I feel fine, I'm eating a little meat but it doesn't really thrill me. Except biltong (dried salted meat) - that I can eat loads of! Yummmm. I'm still constantly tired - that plus the jetlag completely flattened me for the first few days!

I can't take my weight or measurements here but I think my bump has "popped" and it is now showing. That happened a day before Heidi's wedding which I was not thrilled about, as the dress couldn't hide it very well. Everyone tells me to stick it out and be proud, but I'm not in that headspace yet.

I'll post the rest of my holiday when I get home... probably from work! Oh I am not looking forward to going back to work...

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