Saturday, 14 March 2009

Preggy Weight

I've had a couple of questions regarding my size reduction since falling pregnant...

Of course I have a graph!

The blue line is my weight, and the pink line is a vague "healthy gain" guideline, based on a 2kg gain at 20 weeks and a 10kg gain at 40 weeks. Yes, that's conservative but I was a bit overweight to begin with so I used the "fat mother" figures!

I conceived just before Christmas and found out just after New Year, so that's why there is a bit of a spike around Week 2- 4!

I was 71.5kg at my last period (week 0). I was 72.5kg at conception (week 2) and 72kg when I had a positive test (week 4). This is very heavy for me, and the moment I stopped boozing and began eating right I started losing weight and was 71kg at the end of Jan. In Feb I lost another 0.5kg and I've stayed steady since then.

That's a loss of 2kg since conception. [1kg was lost between the 2 photos in the previous post]

Now, considering that I should have gained about 1 to 3kg of baby bump during the first trimester, let's assume that I'm carrying a minimum of 1.5kg of bump.

That means I've lost 3.5kg of fat and I'm around 69kg excluding the baby. That puts my BMI at just under 25 which is the upper limit of "normal" (I'm a very average shape so I reckon the BMI calc works for me). My clothes all still fit although being firmer around the middle means that waistbands are getting very uncomfortable.

I have not been starving myself - I have 3 decent meals a day and plenty of fruit, yogurt and biscuits as snacks. During my food aversion phase I lived on cheese sandwiches!

So all in all a healthy weight loss and all to the good in the long run.

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Suzanne said...

I'm happy that your diet may have ended the aversion stage and the you can keep eating the good stuff.