Friday, 20 March 2009

Preggy Pants

Ok, so there isn't much else of interest going on in my life!

  • Work is hectic - we are 2 weeks from release date and are working long hours to meet the deadline. I haven't had to work a weekend yet but it may still happen.

  • Our renovation plans are with the council for approval and we're still waiting for a quote from one of our builders. We hope to begin in the first week of April, but who knows?

  • Milord are I are trying to scrape up the money we will need for the house and the baby, so we're staying in a lot. I don't want to drink and he's mostly joined me on the wagon, so we have very quiet nights in and are usually reading a book in bed by 10pm.

The only fun happening is my burgeoning belleh!

Yesterday I went shopping for maternity pants (that's "trousers" not "knickers" for you poms reading this). I've decided to get a couple of good trousers from a posh shop and the rest of the gear cheap from K-Mart and Target. There is a Pumpkin Patch near work so I popped in there at lunchtime - they have a small maternity section behind all the kids clothes.

I had to ask for help with the sizing as everything is S/M/L not the usual 10/12/14 - there was a tiny sign with the conversions but I didn't see it! (I'm an M by the way...) I picked up some pants and took them into the change room.

It has to be the first time since I was about 12 that I've shopped for clothes for comfort not "do I look thin in this?"! Ok so I certainly don't look thin - if anything they really accentuate the bump by being cut to go underneath it. I read in a pregnancy magazine that I'd do myself a favour by buying maternity gear rather than just getting bigger normal clothes, because the cut is totally different - and they are so right! My maternity trousers fit nicely in the bum and leg, and allow for the bump in front without being baggy.

I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of black work slacks - both in stretchy material and with enough legroom to allow for growth of bum and thigh. IrishMILF told me that her thighs grew out of her maternity jeans within a month of buying them (she does tend toward skin-tight gear), so I've erred on the side of loose although they're not baggy. The jeans have a built in "belly-band" which made Milord laugh (this will stop the belly peeking out from under tops when I'm bigger, but for now it looks like I have really huge knickers on that reach up to my waist!).

We have casual Fridays at the bank and I've worn my new jeans in. And they are fantastic - it's like being in pyjama bottoms they are so comfortable! Nothing digging into the bump... aaah.

I'm very chuffed.

Tomorrow I'm off to K-Mart to look for loose tops and bigger bras (My C-cups are feeling a little tight). Shopping woohoo!


Suzanne said...

I need your address for when I make your item (I haven't forgotten), but there's another purpose for the expanding baby belleh.

A summertime baby meant I had the coolest sundresses to wear. If you're the dress sort, I suggest you get a couple.

Saffa Chick said...

We're coming into winter here, if you mean get some preggy dresses? Actually I'm looking around for a coat that might cover my bump when the going get really chilly in a couple of months!

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