Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Preggy Update

I didn't go into work yesterday. My back was sore and I knew there was nothing urgent waiting for me - except some testing and I really hate testing! I waved Milord off and relaxed in bed with a cup of chamomile tea. I snoozed on and off until shortly after midday - I'm still blaming pregnancy for my weariness!

My back is much better today and I'm back at work... funny how I mainly blog from work not home, but I add a few lines whenever my program is compiling! Kat mentioned in her comments that I might not have time to blog once I'm a mommy, but I reckon I may have tons of time then - I'll only need one hand to type while the other holds bub to boob. Gotta do something to stay sane at 3am right?

Week: 16 and 1 day

My belly is growing at the rate of 1cm per week at the moment - no wonder I can't comfortably get into my pre-preggy trousers! I can still wear a lot of skirts because they just ride up over the bump... très chic.

Weight: 71kg (same as last week, -0.5 since start)
Boobs: 99cm (same as last week, +1cm since start)
Ribs: 83cm (+1cm since last week, +1cm since start)
Waist: 89cm (+1cm since last week, +2cm since start)
Hips: 99cm (+1cm since last week, +1cm since start)
Thigh: 56cm (same as last week, -2cm since start)

It's amazing that my weight is stable - I must still be swapping fat for bump. I wonder if my butt has shrunk... probably a lot, considering that I have lost 2cm off each thigh! (my "hip" measurement is not a good indicator of fat loss because the tape crosses my lower belly which is swelling) My upper arms certainly feel slimmer, and my double chin is gone.

I'm also getting more wrinkles as my fat layer melts away! Nooooo!

Before you freak out that I'm losing weight when I "shouldn't", bear in mind that my pre-preggy lifestyle was jolly unhealthy. We indulged in wine and carbs a lot, especially on the weekends, and that has completely stopped for me (I don't much fancy chips when I'm not drinking). While I'm eating a decent amount now, I hardly indulge in junk.

This is my menu today:
Breakfast: 2 slices of multi-grain bread, with marg and jam. 1 small glass of juice.
Lunch: Cheddar cheese sandwich on multi-grain bread. Celery and carrot sticks. 1 small box of juice.
Dinner: Homemade spaghetti bolognaise (yum).
Snacks: Apples, grapes, dried fruit, biscuits. 2L water. 3 cups tea.

When I'm hungry I eat - and I don't watch my portions or bother with "low-fat" like I used to. Then again I haven't had the incredible munchies that other women tell me is coming... that may change everything!

Current Pregnancy Symptoms:

  • Weariness - although I am not a fraction as tired as I was in the first trimester I'm still generally weary. I sleep like the dead (in spite of toilet trips) and I can nap easily when I get the chance.

  • Nose Bleeds - drat, I thought I was done with these. I'm getting one or two small nose bleeds a week, usually at night when I wash my face before bed. I wish my towels weren't white!

  • Pigmentation - I'm getting pale brown blotches on my face, mainly my forehead so far. Apparently this is caused by extra oestrogen. I used to get blotching when I was on the pill too, and that's one of the reasons I switched to the injection and implant. I am now officially sun-shy! No line on my belly yet.

  • Frequent weeing - well yes, I wee a lot, but I also drink a huge amount of water (I seem to be constantly thirsty) so I'm not surprised. I get up at least twice in the night to wee, but that's not a new thing for me (during my party days I got into the habit of drinking several glasses of water before going to bed to fend off hangovers) and I can visit the loo in my sleep!

  • Twinges in my groin/belly when I cough/sneeze/stand up - "achoo! ow!" This is caused by ligaments stretching to handle the swelling uterus. Oh well.

  • Nipple changes - they are slightly bigger and darker and, um, bobblier around the edges? Milord finds big nipples gross - STFU!

  • Heartburn - not too bad yet but getting steadily worse. Reducing the amount I eat in one sitting helps.

  • Spots - dammit. I never get spots! Now I have a constant battle... mind you I was complaining to Milord and he said he hadn't noticed so guess it's under control! (I am pretty good about not squeezing so they don't swell up and turn red)

Pregnancy Symptoms I don't have (yet):
  • Sore boobs - I've been waiting for what sound like agonising changes. My boobies feel sort of "rock-hard" to me and a hard hug that squishes them makes me squeak, but I wouldn't call them "sore" generally.

  • Mood swings - I can be quite crabby when I'm tired or hungry, but the classic rages/weeping etc? Nope. If anything I am more chilled out than usual - being pregnant seems to put the trivial things into perspective.

  • Headaches - No thank heavens. A couple of mild ones but nothing special.

  • Backaches - Not really, but I can sense my centre of gravity starting to move forward as the bump grows. I'm doing core strengthing exercises to help fend this one off.

  • Constipation - Nope. I have loads of fibre and water in my diet so that's all working ok.

  • Nasal Congestion - um. Not since I started treating my hayfever with a nasal spray. Is that cheating?!

  • Veins... not sure about this one. I do have blue veins on my boobs but I don't know if they're new. The don't leap out at me so I assume they were there already!

  • Dizzyness - not that I've noticed.

  • Stretch Marks... well, nothing new. I am so going to get these though. A few years back I went through a miserable time and blimped out through comfort eating, and I have stretch marks from then. They don't bother me too much though as they're quite close in colour to my usual skin colour... just sort of shiny.

  • Itching - not yet. IrishMILF is/was going mental with itching as her belly stretched. I have plenty of existing belly to fill out first though! I'm moisturising with cream and oil to give myself a fighting chhance.

  • Baby Movements - nuthin. And I'm watching like a hawk! I'm watching out for "wind" or "fluttering" or anything unusual but nothing so far. tch, c'mon kid!


Doc Manette said...

My last child (5 year old) - I only gained 13 pounds and I didn't start gaining weight until I was over 5 months pregnant. The nurse scolded me, but the doctor told me the baby was gaining weight, while I was losing . . .so it evened out.

Glad you are staying put (blog wise).

Saffa Chick said...

Thanks Doc Manette, that makes me feel more "normal"!