Thursday, 19 March 2009

Preggy Belly

I was struck by a comment on another preggy blog the other day about how annoying it is when people feel they can touch your bump... I googled the phenomenon and it seems to be rife!

I have a very strong sense of personal space and I don't particularly like being touched. Friends and family are totally entitled to hugs and kisses of course, I'm not that standoffish - but having a stranger touch/press/lean/breathe on me is not nice and I find it very stressful. I will actually leave my seat if a co-worker crowds me during a discussion of what's on my screen.

So far only three people apart from Milord (who I obviously don't mind touching me) have gone for my bump... and I'm fond of them all. My auntie gave my belly a pat when she last saw me (and stunned me momentarily speechless), my sister likes to talk to my middle (I'm so not comfortable with that yet), and a local friend has to pat and stroke me on the tummy whenever she sees me (it's is beginning to drive me crazy).

How am I going to cope when complete strangers grope me without asking? And why do people do this? I've never felt a bump without being invited, and I can't imagine grabbing the belly of someone I don't know.

At the moment I assume I'm going to say "Please don't do that" while gently brushing their hands away. I did read about a lady who literally slapped strange men who touched her belly without asking - now that sounds like fun! I'll keep it in mind for a really bad day!


Nat said...

You should rub their bellies back...especially if it's a man with a beer gut...rub it asking, "When's it due?"

Dragon Willow said...

Hi I am at the internet cafe sorry about talking to your tummy. but my niecnew is a person in there. but if you don't want me to i just the baby to know me. your sis