Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 15 and 1 days

Now that my bump has arrived it is growing at an alarming rate! It's a bit like being fat except it's such a firm bulge that it feels really peculiar... like I have a volleyball being pumped up inside.

I am now in my biggest pair of "fat pants" - a pair of work trousers that I bought in a hurry one day and then never wore because they'd fall off. Well, they're certainly not falling off now! They're snug, and getting snugger by the day.

I have now told my workplace the news, and they're saying all the right things. It's nice not to pretend anymore. I had my contract renewed to the end of June and I'm reasonably hopeful that they'll keep me on until the end of August.

Measurements (since week 13):
Weight: 71kg (same)
Boobs: 99cm (+1cm)
Ribs: 82cm (same)
Waist: 88cm (+1cm)
Lower tummy: 97cm (+1cm)
Hips: 98cm (+1cm)
Thigh: 56cm (-1cm)

Hey, my boobs have finally started growing! Not that they need to or anything, I was just wondering when that would start. They're not sore so I'm lucky there. It's bizarre that my weight is the same as last week when my midriff is so much bigger - I guess I'm still shedding a bit of fat, of which there is still plenty!

How do I feel: Pretty good. My energy levels are still lower than normal, but I don't think they're going to come back during the pregnancy somehow. Or during the first year or so after birth from what everyone tells me! I'm not "glowing" or "blooming" but I do have to cleanse like crazy to keep the spots under control - and I never get spots so that's a bit annoying.

I had a few mild headaches and one nosebleed, but hopefully that stage has passed. My doctor has let me start using an over-the-counter steriod nasal spray for my hayfever which has just about cleared it up - yay! (Thanks T for suggesting it) I am now starting the indigestion and gassy stage I think (ugh), but smaller meals and a lot of water helps.

On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is normal for me and 1 is non-existent, I'd say my sex drive is back up to 8. It was at 2 when I was so tired! Sorry Dad, but this is a topic of conversation for parents-to-be so I thought I'd throw it out there!

Cravings?: Not really, but Milord has started bringing home ice cream. He eats more of it than I do! I do fancy salt a lot, but I try to suppress that.

How does Milord feel? Super. He's just about cut out booze in solidarity so he feels a lot healthier too. He isn't losing as much weight as he expects, but the ice cream might have something to do with it!

Latest Bizarre Pregnancy Fact: I hear that I'm supposed to be having spectacular farts. Because a pregnant lady's digestion slows we get more smelly gas... at the moment Milord's ice cream farts totally beat anything I'm producing!

Latest Probable Old Wives Tale: IrishMILF tells me that when a dance track comes on her ipod the baby rocks out. How can a baby hear anything from your earbud? I'm filing this under "hmm".


waterbob said...

Hey Chick, we're too old and in any case from the sixties to be shocked or offended. Plus I think your folks were pretty horny as well. Enjoy!

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