Friday, 11 July 2008

World Youth Day

Next Thursday 17th July will be World Youth Day held in Sydney. As far as I can make out this is "come and see the pope in another country with 250000 like-minded young catholics". So we have a crazy number of "pilgrims" making their way to my town in the middle of winter (did I mention it's freezing here?) to see the pope and - um - hang out with each other I guess. Sounds like fun - I'd totally have been up for that when I was a teen (apart from having to be a catholic I suppose).

Sydney-siders are not impressed. It's costing us a fortune, disrupting the city, and they've passed special laws against being "inconvenient" or "annoying" that I bet don't get dissolved once this event is over. We've only just had APEC, which was annoying (pun unintended) enough - that event actually forced businesses to close for a day - as a contractor that's a good way to get up my nose!

Why not hold these things in the capital city, Canberra? Or the city that tries to be Sydney's "rival" (in their dreams), Melbourne? Yeah, right. The outside world only wants to come to Sydney. Before I moved here I honestly thought Sydney was the capital city! I asked Milord and apart from Uluru we can't think of any cultural icons that aren't in Sydney that a foreigner would know.

Apart from the possible disruption to my commute the only other downside to WYD seems to be the amount of religion in the news: victims of priestly abuse coming forward after 20 years; something about women bishops; half an hour of some cardinal on tv last night defending priestly abuse; pope this; condoms that; ugh.

One more week and we'll go back to normal...

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